FFU? DCC? MAU? Why is a clean room needed?

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FFU? DCC? what are these? Why do you need a clean room?

一The general public should be both familiar and unfamiliar with the word "clean room". Familiarity may be because this term is a hot keyword in the technology industry
; Unfamiliar may be due to not knowing how a clean room actually works.

Today we are going to talk to you about clean rooms!

Before talking about the clean room body, we need to know the abbreviations of several air-conditioning equipment:FFU / DCC / MAU



What is FFU

FFU (Fan Filter Unit) fan filter unit is a clean room cleaning equipment that combines air supply and high-efficiency filter air circulation and filtration. It is used to filter dust particles from harmful air in the workplace air and provide the required airflow. Circulate and clean air.
Widely used in clean rooms, medical institutions, pharmaceutical factories, aviation industry, food industry, research institutes, electronic factories.


What is DCC

DCC (Dry Cooling Coil) dry cooling coil, referred to as dry coil or dry cooling coil for short, controls the indoor temperature to eliminate indoor sensible heat (heat generated by people, lighting, machinery, etc.) to control the indoor temperature and dehumidify the clean room , which is used to supply indoor return air to provide cooling capacity.
Mainly used in clean air conditioning system engineering, mainstream used in clean room air conditioning system.


What is MAU

MAU (Make-up Air Unit) external air conditioning box, responsible for controlling the dew point, creating dust-free air, and ensuring that the clean room maintains positive pressure. In the clean room air-conditioning system, fresh air with constant temperature and humidity needs to be introduced from the outside. The temperature of the MAU sending end is controlled at 18oC, the humidity is controlled at 8g/kg, and the air cleanliness is about 10~100. There is no fixed control value, depending on its production. Product features vary.


Generally speaking, the air source for producing clean air is OUTSIDE AIR, which needs to be processed by various processing units in the clean room system to obtain clean air that meets the specifications.

A brief introduction to the MAU processing flow:
When MAU stably supplies the supply air with the set dew point, the relative humidity in the room can reach the set value with the temperature. The external air is pre-filtered, pre-filtered, humidified, dehumidified, cooled and re-heated by MAU. After initially filtering the fine dust and controlling its temperature and humidity, the circulating air volume of the clean room is mixed with the supplementary air volume of the external air conditioning box through the return air duct, and the return air between the return air ducts is cooled to the required level of the clean room through DCC. Specifications, through the FFU to drive the air circulation of the clean room to remove the dust and heat, and finally filter it through the ultra-high-efficiency filter, and supply it back to the Fab area in the clean room.

In a previous case, many compartments were made in the clean room, and the pressure of each compartment was not the same in addition to maintaining positive pressure. We set the positive pressure of the clean room zone, and each zone automatically adjusts the air-conditioning damper of the air-conditioning box in the zone according to the indoor positive pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of unified air supply and zoned control of the positive pressure of the clean room.
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