What is the GHS symbol?

What is GHS? Do you know what these symbols mean?
Due to engineering factors, we in Longzhong often enter and leave major factories, and some warning signs are often marked in the factory to remind personnel to pay attention to safety.


Today I'm going to show you what these symbols mean.

Longzhong GHS Chemical Global Harmonization System Symbol


First, let's introduce the "GHS" symbol, which is actually abbreviation ofGlobal Harmonized System,It is a globally harmonized chemical classification and labelling system. At present, a total of 9 classifications that can cause physical hazards and health hazards have been standardized, and they are drawn into easy-to-understand pictograms to provide contacts with chemical safety information.


Which 9 icons are there? They are: explosive properties, oxidative properties, flammable properties, acute toxicity (high toxicity), corrosive properties, high pressure gas properties, inhalation hazard, acute toxicity (low toxicity), water environment hazard, and the hazards caused by each of them will be repeated. The subdivisions are classified in series.

Longzhong Chemicals Global Harmonization System Symbol
Longzhong GHS Symbol
Longzhong GHS


When constructing in places where chemicals will be encountered, you must be extra careful. If you accidentally come into contact with them, you must also seize the golden time to dispose of them, so as not to delay the timing of treatment.


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