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What is the Metaverse?

Recently, major companies have seized the topic of the metaverse. What is the metaverse? Let Facebook also rename the company to Meta? When explaining the reason for the name change, Zuckerberg pointed out that "Meta" comes from Greek, which means "beyond" (beyond), which also means that construction is never-ending. He said the company is building a metaverse social platform called "Horizon" and expects the metaverse to reach 1 billion people in the next 10 years.

Metaverse,The word composed of "meta" and "verse", the former means transcendence, above, and postulate; the latter means the universe, and some Chinese users translate it as "metaverse".
The term metaverse first comes from Snow Crash, published in 1992 by American novelist Neal Town Stephenson. In this novel, the metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, breaking the barriers between the virtual world, the real world and the Internet. By wearing goggles and other devices, one can enter the virtual world of the metaverse as a virtual identity.

Many movies have visions of future technology for AI and VR. The metaverse is still just a concept and has not been clearly defined. The oasis concept in the movie "Level 1 Player" released in 2018 is to give the metaverse a clearer imagination.


The Metaverse is here! Where are the challenges and opportunities for Longzhong?

The term Metaverse has brought quite a heated discussion, and it has also boosted the stock prices of related industries in Taiwan. The new economic model of digital automation will become a major trend in the future. Behind the huge digital virtual business opportunities, a large amount of artificial intelligence is required to operate, and related industries will also be ready for development. The immersive experience of AR and VR is also inseparably related to Longzhong's specialty - automatic control. In fact, PLC has been used in AR for many years. For example, the automatic management of warehouses used to require manual records. Now, as long as you wear AR glasses, you can free your hands and use the prompts of AR glasses to quickly find the location of the goods. Seat, time-saving and more efficient, and the foolproof system has also made a quite perfect mechanism through AR glasses.

The concept of the metaverse relies on a large number of programs as support, and Longzhong has been deeply involved in PLC programming for many years, and Longzhong has accumulated quite mature experience in the planning and writing of automatic programs. Adhering to the professional and high-quality service in the automatic control industry, we continue to strengthen our own business. We look forward to creating a more different Longzhong in the concept of the Metaverse, and we are also ready to move forward with this emerging concept. .


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