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The air on Earth is mainly composed of nitrogen (78.09%), oxygen (20.95%), argon (0.93%), carbon dioxide (0.03%) and other trace gases.
Among them, oxygen is the most important. Oxygen is a colorless, odorless and odorless gas. The human body absorbs oxygen mainly through breathing, through the alveoli, and then carried by red blood cells to various important organs of the body to maintain the normal metabolism and physiological functions of the human body.


How important is oxygen to sustain life and energy?
People can live for more than a week without water, and for more than a month without food, but without oxygen, the brain may be damaged due to lack of oxygen in a few minutes. Although in daily life, the probability of hypoxia is low, but in industry, it is necessary to install oxygen concentration meters in some specific areas to ensure that the amount of oxygen entering the relevant personnel is sufficient.


Today we are going to talk about ─ ─ oxygen concentration meter

What is an oxygen concentration meter?
An oxygen concentration meter, as the name implies, is an instrument that detects the concentration of oxygen, providing valuable measurement data for combustion control, process quality, safety and environmental applications.

Generally, the places where the oxygen concentration meter may be applied in the industry are: chemical storage space and boiler room. One of the special ones is the boiler room, because the combustion of the boiler room needs to consume oxygen, and the pure fuel needs to be fully mixed with appropriate air to be successfully burned. The ratio needs more professional calculation, so the air-fuel ratio must be adjusted. The oxygen concentration is controlled within the range we want (less than 5%, otherwise nitrogen oxides NOx will be produced), so an oxygen concentration meter will be used.


As for the level of oxygen concentration, what effect will it have on the human body?
◎12-16 vol% :It will increase breathing and pulse rate, and mild impairment of muscle coordination.
◎10-14 vol%:It can cause emotional upset, abnormal fatigue, and breathing difficulties.
◎6-10 vol%:It can cause nausea, vomiting, collapse, and even loss of consciousness.
◎低於6 vol%:Causes convulsions and may cause respiratory failure and death.


Inhaling oxygen, seemingly simple, has important implications for the human body. The importance of oxygen to human beings is self-evident. It is the foundation of life. If the body is deprived of oxygen or cells are deprived of oxygen, it will bring unimaginable consequences.

In the industrial environment, the oxygen supply and oxygen storage need to be closely monitored, so the oxygen concentration meter plays a very important role in the industrial operation environment. The situation encountered this time is that the other party's factory found an abnormal oxygen concentration count value on the SCADA, so please help us to deal with it. After our on-site inspection, we found that the line connector was loose and the sensor sensed abnormally. Later, after replacing it with a new one, the customer's problem was solved, and it also provided an extra guarantee for the customer's safety.


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