When will robots replace humans?

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I talked to you about the Metaverse before, and today I will talk about the era of robots

When will robots replace humans?
The first industrial revolution began in 1759. The production and manufacturing methods gradually turned to mechanization, and there was a trend of replacing human and animal power with machines, which began to lay the foundation for human beings to move towards automation. Until 2021 this year, mankind has a more technological blueprint for the future - the emergence of the concept of the metaverse, which makes the topic of when robots replace humans more widely discussed.

Today, I would like to talk with you about a case we have approached.
這The main business project of a customer's company is processing, and some materials (spices … etc.) will be added to the drum equipment during operation, and these materials will be stuck and blocked. At this time, it is necessary to stop the machine to manually dredge the materials, and only after they are cleared can the power supply of the drum rolling equipment be restarted. The process of dredging the materials takes about half a day, and the employees often sweat profusely in order to clear the blocked materials.
At that time, after knowing their business projects, I pushed them to automate the equipment. Of course, I hit a wall everywhere. They all felt that we wanted to let the machines compete with their employees for jobs, so they were disgusted with our industry.


But this was not our intention.

After the equipment is automated, the sensor can be used to sense whether the drum is running normally and whether the materials are properly mixed. The machine will not have the problem of fatigue, even if the material is blocked, it can be removed within an hour, helping customers to greatly reduce the time cost. In addition to improving efficiency, the use of automated equipment can also avoid the risk of manual screening. If the sensor detects anything wrong, it will immediately stop the operation of the barrel. In fact, it is also a more direct way to ensure the safety of employees.

Equipment automation can improve the efficiency of the entire operation, and it also has a more complete and safer fool-proof mechanism, which is a more friendly choice for operators and companies. Later, the customer understood our intention, and agreed and decided to cooperate with us.

Will machines replace human jobs in the next ten or twenty years?
The answer is possible. But at this stage, the purpose of automating equipment is not to replace human work, but to assist human work and make our operations more convenient.
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