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Longzhong Automation Energy Consumption Report


With the rapid development of science and technology and the impact of high urbanization, the global climate has undergone drastic and extreme changes, and the shortage of resources has become increasingly serious. Various reasons have prompted the public to gradually raise their awareness of environmental protection and understand the importance of sustainable development.

However, while pursuing scientific and technological progress, how to take into account environmental sustainability has always been a big question. Human damage to the environment is not caused overnight, and of course remediation cannot be done in one go. Later, people understood that in order to slow down the speed of climate and environmental degradation, all walks of life have to make changes, so in recent years, everyone from large companies to small people can see that everyone is taking action to protect the earth. Now there are more and more recyclable materials on the market, and even non-essential packaging consumables are canceled; more and more people are implementing a traceless life in order to reduce their carbon footprint.


So how can the industries that are at the core of the problem change? Even if the damage to the environment cannot be completely avoided, the law now stipulates clear regulations to minimize the impact of these industries on the environment. In recent years, the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has increased the regulated objects and standards of the Energy Management Law, stipulating that in addition to complying with the allowable energy consumption, manufacturers must also comply with the "Allowable Energy Consumption Benchmark" and "Energy Efficiency Grading Marking". " to make a report.


How to maintain the legal value within the range without causing insufficient energy supply in the plant area, to achieve a balance between this is believed to be a headache for many owners, in addition to the headache, they also need to produce energy consumption reports (and then the headache is even more painful)



Can we Longzhong help with this kind of problem? Of course, no problem!
Recently, many former clients have come to us for reporting
In fact, this is the most appropriate for us to do. Longzhong has been deeply involved in the field of automatic control for many years, and has accumulated considerable experience in the installation of industrial-related equipment. When assembling the sensor, he can also calculate how to control the numerical value of energy consumption. Within the specified range, at the same time, the performance can be maximized. Each item is calculated clearly, so that you can save trouble and rest assured, and at the same time do your best to protect the earth and the environment


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