Emergency Repair of PLC Controlled Side Push System of Transport Ship

PLC control side thrust system of transport ship


This week, we, Long Zhong, are here to share a special case with you. Why do you say that? Because everything happened so quickly and suddenly🤣!
The incident started one night when a new client who had never cooperated with Longzhong was the owner of a shipping company. He called the company and asked if Longzhong was selling Siemens S7-200 PLC in stock, and said that there was a very urgent need.


Hearing this, the engineer Longzhong who answered the phone was puzzled, because the customer's tone was quite tense and earnest(?)
But because Longzhong is not selling PLC programmable controllers or other automation hardware equipment( Except for digital display instruments )
The Siemens S7-200 model that the customer asked about is now rare in the general automatic control market, and the PLC produced by the Siemens brand is in demand in all walks of life, resulting in a long delivery time after ordering. Unless there are cases that will be used and ordered in advance, it is basically impossible for this kind of automatic control components with long lead times and unpopular models to be available in stock.


Longzhong's engineer and customer briefly explained the above-mentioned situation, and then asked the other party what happened? What urgent situation requires?
After chatting, I found out that this customer is from the shipping industry. When the Singapore electrician on the ship was testing the function of the ship, he found that the Bow Thruster system on board was malfunctioning (that is, a lateral propulsion system that needs to be used when the ship is docked or turned at a fixed point), and the electrician estimated that it was controlling its system function. The S7-200 PLC is broken and needs to be replaced.
The problem is, the owner's transport ship is leaving in 2 days! It means that the boss needs to find the Siemens S7-200 in stock within these two days, that is, the legendary golden 48 hours (it is a very difficult task!)

The customer on the other end of the phone sounded like a deflated ball, and the more he talked, the worse he felt, and he didn't know what to do. So our engineer from Longzhong suggested: Why don't I go and see the PLC for you tomorrow morning?
After making an appointment for the time and place, this PLC programmable controller emergency repair case was completed.


The next morning, after Longzhong arrived at the port site, the owner took our engineers to the control room of the transport ship to meet with the Singapore Electrician, and met the real source of the problem, the Siemens S7-200 Programmable Logic Controller.
After careful maintenance by Longzhong engineers, it was found that the PLC was not broken. It's just because this ship has handled many manufacturers, and each electrician has a different way of opening the system, and the electricians are not handed over to each other, resulting in a slight connection problem with the PLC control chain signal points.

Now that you've found the problem, it's easy to do! Long Zhong quickly reconnected the PLC signal for the owner, and corrected some control point problems in the PLC program. After confirming that there is no problem with the signal, and testing that all systems can be activated normally, hand over the method of turning on the PLC thruster system to Singapore Electrician.


In this way, this emergency repair mission ended successfully.
The owner who sees the boat in smooth operation is simply overjoyed! I have always thanked the engineers of Longzhong for their willingness to search for the PLC program problem step by step, which not only solved the crisis of not being able to sail at the moment, but also saved the time of finding the PLC controller in stock and saved him the cost.

In fact, before we set off, we were also apprehensive, because we didn't know whether the PLC was really malfunctioning as the other electrician said (if it was really malfunctioning, the engineers couldn't do anything). However, since it is found to be a program problem after the repair, this is the strength of our Longzhong. Customers don't have to worry about whether they are old customers or new customers who have never cooperated. Thank you very much for your trust in Longzhong's repair technology, see Satisfied customers are the driving force for Longzhong to move forward!


Transport ship PLC emergency repair

The view from the transport ship-1


PLC control of side thrust system of transport ship
The view from the transport ship-2


PLC automatic control of transport ship
The view from the transport ship-3


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