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Among the currently known energy sources in the world, none of them is inexhaustible. With the rise of social energy conservation awareness in recent years, the government has also introduced new institutional regulations for industrial energy management.


New System for Industrial Energy Declaration

Its annual electricity saving rate should reach more than 1%, and if it is less than 1%, it must provide a justifiable explanation; in addition, if the average annual electricity saving rate of energy users does not reach 1% in the current year, it should provide an explanation and improvement plan. And must report to the central competent authority the implementation of power saving measures in the previous year, annual power saving, annual power saving rate and average annual power saving rate...etc.。
( Details can be seen:Industrial Energy Saving Service Network )


How to generate energy report?

the best way isInstall smart meters
It allows you to know the power consumption in real time, and can remotely upload the power consumption data to Taipower. If a power outage occurs, the smart meter can also report back at the moment of the power outage, improving the efficiency of inspection and repair and power restoration.

Longzhong has assisted many customers to install smart meters in the factory area, and connected the line configuration to SCADA, so that customers can understand the data of smart meters in detail and can monitor them through SCADA at any time. Not only that, it can also capture the electricity consumption data of the electric meter, automatically insert it into the calculation program, and then generate the energy management report, which can be directly submitted for declaration, so as to achieve the optimization of automatic management.


Energy declaration, what are the benefits?

➊Learn more about your plant and equipment:
Through the standards of energy management review, it is possible to check whether the efficiency of equipment meets the service life from details such as electricity consumption, which can effectively reduce the situation that equipment needs to be replaced but no one in the factory knows.

➋Save production and operating costs:
It allows you to have a more comprehensive grasp of the power consumption status of your own plant, and you can control more energy-consuming parts to avoid unnecessary power consumption and cost waste.

➌Will not be penalized:
The government announces the list of users who have not completed the declaration, and the list will be sent to the Energy Bureau, and the energy users who have not declared will also be punished by the Energy Bureau. Therefore, if you cooperate well with the policy requirements, you can not only take this opportunity to better understand your own factory area and equipment, but also reduce the risk of being fined(😂)



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