What is a Power Line Communication? What is a smart meter?

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Power network communication is a new communication technology developed in recent years. It uses communication technology to transmit data and media signals through wires, and it is possible to see network routes or connect to the network in other ways between industries and enterprises. In recent years, the most common application is Teclast-Smart Meter.


What is a smart meter?

It is a digital watt-hour meter that can accurately mark the electricity consumption. Compared with the old-data-style ammeter, which uses a pointer to indicate the electricity consumption, the smart meter has a digital display, which provides a more intuitive view. It is possible to grasp the electricity consumption data and electricity price at each time period, and to report the electricity consumption information to the power company remotely through the network.


It is not only needed by Taipower, but also suitable for industrial factories. Through the connection between the smart meter and the communication system, PLC is used to automatically control the recording of electricity consumption, meter data, data return and other functions, and the part that originally required manual work is replaced by system automation.
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As for power network communication in general households, the most common way is the Power Line Communication.
Hearing this, everyone may wonder what is a Power Line Communication?


What is a Power Line Communication? What is the principle of the Power Line Communication?

"Power Line Communication" is actually a common name for "power line communication modem", which can use existing power lines and sockets to form a network. It is well-known for being able to connect to the Internet with uncomplicated settings. It is often used in homes or offices to connect ADSL modems, PC desktop computers, audio equipment, monitoring equipment and other weak current equipment to transmit data. , voice and video.

The biggest feature of the Power Line Communication is that it can load the high frequency carrying information on the current, compile the user data, and then use the wire to transmit and receive the information, and then separate the high frequency from the current, transmit and calculate, and then realize the information transmission.


How to use the Power Line Communication

• Insert one end of the network cable into the line port of the router, and the other end into the network port of the power modem A
• Plug the Power Line Communication A into the power socket, and plug the other Power Line Communication B into the other power socket
• Plug one end of the distribution network cable into the Power Line Communication B, and insert the other end of the network cable into the computer network card port to complete the connection!

Power Line Communication


However, the Power Line Communication has a fatal shortcoming, that is, the equipment must be used in the same power line environment; if it is not under the same ammeter, or the power after the voltage is changed through the transformer, the Power Line Communication will not be able to perform data transmission. To achieve the power network Communication needs to be used with other communication methods.


Whether it is a smart meter or a Power Line Communication, it is a way to achieve power grid communication. Longzhong can plan the most suitable tool according to your case, so as to achieve the transmission of information and automatic cooperation between equipment networks, and perfectly meet your needs for automated integration systems.


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