Float Flowmeter

Today's introduction is──float flowmeter

Longzhong float flowmeter area flowmeter


It belongs to the area flow meter.
The prevailing method is to suspend a float in a tapered tube (which increases in width as you go up). When fluid is forced between the conical tube and the float, a pressure differential is created.
At this time, the float will stay in the area where the upward force generated by the pressure difference and the downward force generated by the gravity of the float are balanced, and the displayed result is the instantaneous flow rate.
Conical tubes are usually made of clear material and calibrated to flow so that flow can be read directly from the tube.
There are also some types that have magnets built into the float and use magnetic sensors for detection.


・Capable of detecting gases, liquids and vapors
・Prices are generally lower
・Relatively small pressure loss

・Accuracy is not very high
・Not suitable for fluids containing solids (will clog)
・The direct reading type will not see the float when the shape tube is dirty (requires frequent maintenance)



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