Impeller Flowmeter

Today's introduction is:Impeller flowmeter

Longzhong Impeller Flowmeter Turbine Flowmeter

It belongs to the turbine flowmeter。

Impeller flow meters are generally divided into two mechanical types, as described below:

(1)Tangential flow impeller flowmeter with water wheel structure
(2)Axial flow impeller flowmeter with pinwheel construction

The flow is proportional to the rotational speed of the impeller. In this way, the impeller is rotated by the force generated by the flowing fluid, and the flow rate can be measured according to the rotational speed. By embedding magnets in the rotating shaft and on the edge of the impeller, the signal in the form of pulses can be extracted, and the number of rotations can be obtained to convert the flow rate.

Flow calculation method:
Flow per pulse × Number of pulses ÷ Time = Instantaneous flow


Features of Impeller Flowmeter

・Excellent repeatability and responsiveness
・Simple structure and low price
・Small size but large measuring capacity

・Very sensitive to foreign bodies (causing blockages)
・Due to the high-speed rotation of the impeller, regular maintenance is required to deal with the axial wear problem or to replace the impeller




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