Pressure Diaphragm Flowmeter

What I'm going to introduce today is:Pressure Diaphragm Flow Meter

Longzhong Pressure Diaphragm Flow Meter


Pressure Diaphragm Flow Meter
It belongs to the differential pressure flowmeter. In terms of flowmeter production, differential pressure flowmeters currently occupy the largest market share. Using Bernoulli's principle, a throttling orifice is installed in the flowing fluid flow path, which is deliberately used to generate pressure loss. Measure the pressure difference before and after the orifice plate.


The relationship between the pressure loss, flow rate, and flow rate generated by the orifice plate is as follows:
Small flow rate → small flow rate → small pressure loss caused by orifice plate
Large flow rate → large flow rate → large pressure loss caused by orifice plate
(Use a pressure diaphragm to detect the pressure difference between upstream and downstream.)


・Capable of detecting liquids, gases and vapors
・Prices are generally lower
・No moving parts

・Large pressure loss due to orifice plate
・Not suitable for fluids containing solids (clogging will occur)
・Due to sensitivity to turbulence, a long straight run is required



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