Performance Case
Factory Service Facility GAS/Chemical System

Industrial Gas Leak Detection Alarm

VOCs, volatile organic waste gases, are inevitably produced in industrial processes. In order to comply with relevant regulations on waste gas emissions and adhere to environmentally friendly conditions, it is a very important step to detect whether VOCs are leaking.
Graphic Control Systems

Modification of the InTouch program of the factory graphics control system

The owner's exhaust system graphic control program has some bugs and often misjudges communication abnormalities, causing the main and backup machines to constantly switch back and forth and unable to operate normally. After Engineer Longzhong modified the graphic control program and added comprehensive logic conditions, the factory exhaust system ran smoothly, and the status of the PLC could be clearly seen on the InTouch graphic control.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

MBR system expands recycling of comprehensive wastewater

Expanding water recovery requires very precise calculations. Longzhong engineers collected and transmitted back the flow sensing signals of the water pipe lines in the factory area, and used PLC to comprehensively calculate the flow values ​​in each area. In this way, the recycled water consumption of each area can be automatically calculated for factory personnel to easily check and make decisions, and it will also be easy to introduce the AI ​​automatic control system in the future.
Instrumentation control system

Factory energy scada monitoring and management-electric meter automatic output report system

The customer hopes to optimize the factory energy calculation process. With Longzhong's assistance, not only can he see the factory's power consumption status through the panel at any time, calculate the factory's power consumption data and production line equipment output flow, but also calculate the energy consumption of each equipment. Unit energy consumption allows owners to fully control the status of electricity usage and automatically calculate electricity bill output reports.
Instrumentation control system

Factory roller bottle machine anti-fooling automatic control project

When the factory operator opens the bottle roller cabinet to take out the medicine, the bottle roller machine will still continue to move. This poses the risk of the personnel's fingers being entangled in the machine. It is hoped that improvement measures can be taken to address this problem. Therefore, Longzhong engineers built a device for customers to automatically control the stop of the machine to prevent fooling around.
Industrial Exhaust System

Industrial GEX exhaust windmill system PLC automatic control

What is GEX? It is a general exhaust, which is a very basic ventilation device. As the production line of the customer's factory gradually expands, the exhaust volume calculated by the factory at the time of the original construction is seriously insufficient and cannot meet the exhaust requirements of the clean room. The original windmill was integrated to achieve interactive operation.
Graphic Control Systems

construction joint water leakage map control detection

To find the leak point, the factory staff have to venture into the interlayer of expansion joints in the building where there is no light at all, which is time-consuming. Longzhong assisted in optimizing the process of checking and repairing water leaks, and reversed the link map control to receive an alarm. First, he knew that there was a water leak in the expansion joint and where the leak could be located.
Instrumentation control system

Design of Abnormal Circuit Control in Industrial CDS Chemical Supply System

The industrial chemical supply system usually needs to be controlled by writing PLC programs, and cooperate with the production line to not stop, so the control part is very important. Longzhong can assist in planning a CDS protection mechanism. Even if there is a problem in the control, the chemicals can be supplied to the production line as usual in a short time without immediately affecting the production status.
Instrumentation control system

Clean room pressure drop FFU self-maintaining loop control

The FFU in the customer's laboratory used to use power relay to control the current. When a voltage drop occurs, the power supply can be restored quickly, but the device will not automatically turn on. The owner hopes to reduce the workload of the factory staff after the power voltage drop, so that the FFU can be kept on automatically after the power is restored.
PLC Design Solutions

Siemens PLC update firmware

In fact, PLC needs to update the firmware regularly. Firmware update can achieve multiple benefits such as adjusting the security of the PLC system, correcting errors in the PLC code, and improving the efficiency of the firmware. Friends who want to know how to update the firmware, please don't miss this post!
PLC Design Solutions

Siemens PLC diagnostic module function program writing project

PLC programmable logic controllers are often used in industrial operations, and it is not unavoidable to encounter PLC failures but do not know where the problem is. Longzhong can automatically detect errors through the PLC program, which can clearly point out which module is faulty for you, reducing a lot of debugging and testing time.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

PLC control signal return of factory pure water system

Longzhong plans the PLC control factory pure water system signal return project, which can make the monitoring of pure water quality in the factory area more timely and convenient, and it is also easier to maintain and repair. Through S7-300 PLC control, it not only allows you to manage the system conveniently, but also greatly improves the operation efficiency of the factory area.
Instrumentation control system

Building swimming pool automatic circulation filter barrel replacement

The filter originally used in the public swimming pool of the community building was broken, and the suspended particles and hair in the swimming pool water could not be filtered out, causing the water quality to become turbid. Longzhong replaces customers with a new fully automatic circulation filter: quartz sand filter barrel....
Factory Service Air Conditioning System

Clean room intelligent air conditioning constant temperature and humidity energy saving system control

For clean room air conditioning systems, temperature and humidity control is a very important link. Longzhong achieves intelligent constant temperature and humidity control of the clean room air-conditioning box through PLC programming, so that your clean room can maintain the clean room temperature and humidity in the most energy-saving way and at the lowest cost.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

PLC Automatic Judgment Recycling Wastewater Recovery System

The PLC automatically judges the regenerated wastewater recovery system. In addition to filtering the regenerated water quality, it can also automatically record the daily usage of regenerated water in the factory area, and automatically control it in conjunction with the valves of the sluice line. Not only can the customer's plant easily manage the water quality of recycled water, but it can also more comprehensively grasp the water status of recycled wastewater in the plant.
Graphic Control Systems

Map control alarm monitoring of adsorption dryer tank tank differential pressure gauge project

Use the PLC program to automatically control the measurement of the differential pressure gauge in the tank of the adsorption dryer, and send back the measured pressure difference data of the tank to the graphic control interface for monitoring. Comprehensive control of production expenditure costs.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

AI intelligent dosing wastewater treatment system saves water resources for enterprises

The customer hopes to make the factory area more automated through the AI ​​intelligent dosing wastewater treatment system. In addition to shortening the wastewater regeneration treatment time, optimizing the process of the overall wastewater treatment system, and hoping to save water resources for the enterprise.