Performance Case
PLC Design Solutions

PLC automatically controls FFU system

In response to the control requirements of the owner's new factory area, the newly established clean room requires FFU automatic monitoring and alarm functions. Longzhong wrote a PLC program so that the PLC can be connected with the FFU controller, and the control loop can be connected in series, and then use the graphic control software to connect the PLC to capture and return the status to achieve automatic monitoring.
Factory Service Facility GAS/Chemical System

The laboratory automatically detects gas leaks in series with Line to send automatic notifications

In response to this demand for automatic gas leak detection, Longzhong not only helps customers install sensors in the laboratory, but also uses the LINE community software to send and set up a LINE Token API, which can automatically detect gas leaks when the sensor automatically detects gas leaks. Notify administrators via LINE automatic message!
Exhaust System Design

Electric damper repair

The electric damper used in the dust collecting windmill system in the customer's factory continued to emit abnormal noise during operation, and the pressure and flow were always in an unstable state. The owner directly placed an order for a new electric damper, and planned to ask Longzhong to help them replace the entire set of old dampers.
Instrumentation control system

Electricity savior! Adding capacitors to improve power factor

When installing capacitors, you need to calculate the capacitance in order to arrange the capacitors with how much capacitance to install. Longzhong is already a veteran in MEMS control. The engineer can quickly calculate the capacitance and discuss with the customer, and can also estimate how much the power factor can be improved. With clear data presentation, saving unnecessary electricity bills is no longer a problem!
PLC Design Solutions

Customized PLC adds photoelectric sensing abnormal automatic stop device

PLC customized abnormal signal detection, installed on the chain wear-resistant machine through the photoelectric detection device, and programmed in the PLC programmable controller, when the light detection does not sense the chain, it will automatically stop the machine . Design an iron cover to solve the problem of environmental oil splashing on the sensor.
Graphic Control Systems

Factory equipment abnormal mail alarm system

The factory has various pipeline pressure values, water tower liquid levels, and dust-free room temperature and humidity monitoring data that need to be monitored. Longzhong integrates system information and sets up automatic email alert notifications for customers.
Graphic Control Systems

iFIX data control clean room AHU

iFIX provides process visualization, data collection and data monitoring of production operations, enabling rapid response to production events. Through iFIX, administrators can not only clearly monitor/control the AHU air-conditioning box system of the clean room, but also set the PID value of the windmill inverter by themselves, which can be set manually or automatically output control during operation, providing user-friendly management. choose.
Environmental Control System

#Follow Longzhong to cross the sea: go! Go to Xuzhou Food Waste Fermentation Equipment Case -THE END-

In addition to the PLC point-to-point test, Longzhong also began to install sensors and field wiring and piping projects. Longzhong engineers, who strive for perfection, finally adjusted the entire fermentation system to the original plan.
Environmental Control System

#Follow Longzhong:Go!To Xuzhou part-1

We designed the food waste fermentation equipment by Longzhong himself. This system later attracted the attention of an environmental protection company in Shanghai. The other party was very interested in this. After contacting Longzhong, they made an appointment to fly to Taiwan to visit our Qingongdu Farm in Kanding, Pingtung.
PLC Design Solutions

Allen-Bradley AB PLC

The full name of "AB PLC" is "Allen-Bradley PLC", abbreviated as AB. It is a series of products made by one of the largest PLC manufacturers in the United States: Rockwell Automation.
Instrumentation control system

Oil-immersed transformer repair

In recent years, the types of home appliances have been quite diversified, and every household has purchased more and more electrical equipment. Frequent use of various types is easy to overload the oil-immersed transformer, and the overloaded transformer will heat up the inner coil and deteriorate the insulating oil.
Instrumentation control system

Siemens PLC control panel assembly

Before assembling the PLC control panel, the design is the foundation. It is necessary to design the circuit, plan the size of the panel, and customize the appropriate size of the storage control panel. After confirming that there is no problem, the subsequent assembly will be started.
Human Machine Interface

Add HMI human-machine monitoring RTO

The HMI human-machine interface can securely connect two different networks, and aggregate a large amount of data generated by the field and the central control room for the operator to manage. Long Zhong took a case that an old customer needs to add an HMI human-machine interface to monitor the RTO operation status and process.
Graphic Control Systems

Factory machinery and equipment utilization rate and situation room kanban

What is the utilization rate - it is a ratio that measures the usage status of the equipment from the perspective of the equipment. The simple calculation formula for the utilization rate is (operation time/load time)*100%, which is the percentage of time that the equipment is actually running
PLC Design Solutions

Clean room PLC automatic leakage detection

In a clean room, both indoor temperature and humidity must be properly controlled, and there will also be a monitoring system in the area to monitor whether the amount of dust meets the qualified standard. As the name suggests, it is a very clean place with no dust, no pollution.
PLC Design Solutions

Siemens PLC S7-400 common abnormal light check and repair

From a considerable-scale electromechanical company in Germany: Siemens SIEMENS is a PLC brand with a high usage rate on the market, so we decided to write abnormal light signals and simple repair methods. We believe that self-learning PLC and automatic control friends will help!
PLC Design Solutions

PLC programming to filter surge

In electrical engineering, spikes are transient voltage signals (voltage surges) or current signals (current surges) that are fast and short-lived in circuits.