Performance Case
Factory Service Water Distribution System

MBR system expands recycling of comprehensive wastewater

Expanding water recovery requires very precise calculations. Longzhong engineers collected and transmitted back the flow sensing signals of the water pipe lines in the factory area, and used PLC to comprehensively calculate the flow values ​​in each area. In this way, the recycled water consumption of each area can be automatically calculated for factory personnel to easily check and make decisions, and it will also be easy to introduce the AI ​​automatic control system in the future.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

PLC control signal return of factory pure water system

Longzhong plans the PLC control factory pure water system signal return project, which can make the monitoring of pure water quality in the factory area more timely and convenient, and it is also easier to maintain and repair. Through S7-300 PLC control, it not only allows you to manage the system conveniently, but also greatly improves the operation efficiency of the factory area.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

PLC Automatic Judgment Recycling Wastewater Recovery System

The PLC automatically judges the regenerated wastewater recovery system. In addition to filtering the regenerated water quality, it can also automatically record the daily usage of regenerated water in the factory area, and automatically control it in conjunction with the valves of the sluice line. Not only can the customer's plant easily manage the water quality of recycled water, but it can also more comprehensively grasp the water status of recycled wastewater in the plant.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

AI intelligent dosing wastewater treatment system saves water resources for enterprises

The customer hopes to make the factory area more automated through the AI ​​intelligent dosing wastewater treatment system. In addition to shortening the wastewater regeneration treatment time, optimizing the process of the overall wastewater treatment system, and hoping to save water resources for the enterprise.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

Industrial pure water system instrument control improvement project

Many products need to use a large amount of pure water in the process. The circuit is modified through PLC control, and a switching system that can automatically detect water quality is added. Through the input pH value interval, the system can determine that the water in the return pipe should be discharged to the 2B3T system for regeneration. , or to be discharged as waste water.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

PCW system

The process cooling water system is also known as PCW. It can not only be used to cool the machine, but also can be used as the ice water supply for the temperature control of the clean room space. It is a very common application system in the industry.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

Boron wastewater resin tower

Boron is an environmental poison, a complex that exists in nature. Although the toxicity itself is not strong, it has the characteristic of accumulation, and if accumulated to a certain extent, it will cause harm to the environment. The relevant laws and regulations point out that the boron-containing wastewater cannot be discharged into the environment beyond the standard value, so it is necessary to remove the boron in the wastewater before it can be discharged.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

Stripping Tower Automated Ammonia Wastewater Treatment System

Mass transfer effect, the ammonia nitrogen-containing wastewater is operated under alkaline conditions, the pH value is pulled to about 11, and the ammonia is separated and removed from the liquid phase by contacting with the air flow, and the ammonia can be separated into ammonia gas.
It is generally carried out in a stripping tower, and the separated gaseous ammonia is combined with sulfuric acid, combined into ammonium sulfate, and then processed and recovered by another system.
Factory Service Water Distribution System

Rainwater Recycling System

The main sources of water resources in Taiwan are surface water and groundwater formed by rainfall.
About 3 to 4 typhoons hit Taiwan every year, and these typhoons can bring considerable rainfall to Taiwan.
And solve the livelihood and industrial water.