Performance Case
Factory Service Air Conditioning System

Clean room intelligent air conditioning constant temperature and humidity energy saving system control

For clean room air conditioning systems, temperature and humidity control is a very important link. Longzhong achieves intelligent constant temperature and humidity control of the clean room air-conditioning box through PLC programming, so that your clean room can maintain the clean room temperature and humidity in the most energy-saving way and at the lowest cost.
Factory Service Air Conditioning System

Clean room engineering wiring modification design planning

The customer's clean room has been renovated. In order to adapt to the configuration of the new factory area, the original internal control system lines need to be modified. At the same time, Longzhong will also add the required functions according to the needs of the customer.
Factory Service Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning

Summer is here, and when it comes to summer, the most needed thing is air-conditioning!
Usually press the remote control switch, the air outlet will blow out cool air
But have you ever wondered where these cool winds come from? What is the principle of air conditioning?
Factory Service Air Conditioning System

Smoke Detector

People who died in fire were not because they didn't run fast enough, but because they were too slow to find out! Accidents are easy to happen in some details that we often neglect. How to minimize the degree of disaster when it is unavoidable?