Performance Case
Factory Service Facility GAS/Chemical System

Industrial Gas Leak Detection Alarm

VOCs, volatile organic waste gases, are inevitably produced in industrial processes. In order to comply with relevant regulations on waste gas emissions and adhere to environmentally friendly conditions, it is a very important step to detect whether VOCs are leaking.
Factory Service Facility GAS/Chemical System

Improvement of PLC signal of gas detector in anaerobic zone

According to the layout of the new detector, Longzhong's engineers re-planned and designed the transmission line and optimized the signal return function of the gas detector.
Switch to Siemens S7-1500 PLC to connect MODBUS TCP network backhaul, and use Ethernet network communication to make its network topology more flexible.
Factory Service Facility GAS/Chemical System

The laboratory automatically detects gas leaks in series with Line to send automatic notifications

In response to this demand for automatic gas leak detection, Longzhong not only helps customers install sensors in the laboratory, but also uses the LINE community software to send and set up a LINE Token API, which can automatically detect gas leaks when the sensor automatically detects gas leaks. Notify administrators via LINE automatic message!
Factory Service Facility GAS/Chemical System


Taiwan is located at the junction of two plates, with the Philippine Sea plate in the southeast and the Eurasian plate in the northwest. "Earthquakes" are quite frequent for Taiwanese. Whenever an earthquake occurs, even seconds before the earthquake, the phone receives an emergency notification, commonly known as a "cell text message." Why are we getting these newsletters? How does a cell phone know that our area is experiencing an earthquake?