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Today I want to introduce one of the methods of industrial waste gas treatment
That is────“Organic Exhaust System”



Generally, "volatile organic compounds" are mostly solvent waste gas or odorous organic compounds.
Components include: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, halogen and other elements.

The treatment principle of RTO incineration is to supply enough oxygen at the same time at high temperature,
Carry out mixed combustion and convert into odorless and harmless gas.

The following is the detailed principle and flow of the operation of the regenerative incinerator:

In our case, the air is heated through the gas combustion system and sent to the RTO regenerative incinerator, so that the gas is circulated back and forth through the ceramic layer in the incinerator for two times, filtered and then discharged. RTO can greatly reduce gas costs for customers, making switching a breeze.
The volatile organic waste gas generated in the process is discharged by air ducts and exhaust fans, and then introduced into the volatile organic waste gas treatment system for treatment.

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