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Horizontal scrubber

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Horizontal scrubber? What is this thing? Don't underestimate it!
This system is one of the hero systems to help purify industrial waste gas


The principle of this system is:
Using the huge area generated by the filler, the gas and the drug are fully and closely contacted, and it is the chemical neutralization effect that allows the air to achieve the cleaning effect. There are many factors that determine its efficiency, such as: the speed of gas passing through the tower, the choice of packing, the height of the packing layer, the concentration of the liquid medicine, the cleanliness of the circulating water, the specific surface area…… and so on.


●High treatment efficiency: The residence time of waste gas in the washing tower, the speed, the amount of medicine, the filter height of the packing material, etc., can provide the basis for design and actual measurement, and the efficiency is over 95%.
●Automatic operation: multiple replacement holes are installed on the washing tower, which is easy to replace, and has less waste in circulating treatment, water saving and electricity saving.
●High economic benefits.

【Scope of application】
●Treatment of various harmful gases, H2S, SO2, HF, HCI, HO2, NH3, CrO3, etc. and odorous gases.
●Exhaust gas treatment of incinerators and various industrial furnaces.
●Waste gas treatment in sewage treatment tanks.
●Odor treatment of seepage water storage tanks in landfills

Which washing tower is used in the project will be judged according to the site space
When height is limited, horizontal scrubbers are used; when horizontal space is limited, vertical scrubbers are used.

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