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The acid-base exhaust system (Scrubber) uses alkaline (NaOH) circulating water to flush the acid waste gas discharged from the process, and uses the acid-base neutralization principle to neutralize the exhaust gas without being corrosive. The harmful substances in the working environment are extracted by the exhaust windmill so that they are below the limit value, so as to avoid the harm of poisoning of the workers.

Wet scrubbers are designed mainly because some chemicals are often added in the process of producing products in factories, and these chemicals will cause harm to human body and the environment. Then we can extract the harmful substances through the exhaust windmill and a set of washing equipment, and then discharge them into the atmosphere after neutralizing the acid and alkali through the washing equipment.


There are several parts to note about the control of the scrubber:
●To maintain the stability of the exhaust pressure, a pressure gauge should be installed at the end of the pipeline, and the speed of the exhaust windmill should be controlled by the value returned by the pressure gauge to achieve constant pressure control.
●Maintain the ability of the scrubber to neutralize acid and alkali. A pH sensor is installed on the water pipe of the washing tower, and the dosage of liquid alkali is determined by the pH value to maintain the ability of acid-base neutralization
●Clean water for washing. If the washing water is too dirty, the effect of acid-base neutralization will decrease, and it will be discharged to wastewater treatment. Therefore, a conductivity meter was installed to monitor the water quality, and fresh water was added to maintain the constant water quality.

Although the pipeline looks simple, this system can treat the chemical waste gas before discharging it, reducing the pollution to the environment.
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