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#Follow Longzhong across the sea: Beijing Public Research Unit part-1

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A year has passed like this
In this cold weather, let us think of a very unforgettable cooperation experience.

We were in Beijing that year, when the temperature was much colder than in Taiwan, and every pedestrian on the road had white flowers on their heads. It wasn't dandruff, it was snow. With every breath, I can feel the cold air that fills the entire nasal cavity with icy thorns, and there is a fog in front of me. The steamed buns bought on the roadside were so ripe that they were smoking, but they couldn't feel any hot temperature in their mouths, probably because they were in the freezer. These experiences have not been encountered in Taiwan. Rather, compared with the winter in Taiwan, it seems to be in a different world.


This time I am in charge of a case of a public research unit in Beijing, which mainly needs to simulate the reaction of particle collisions in an ultra-high vacuum environment. In fact, this case was not looking for our assistance at the beginning. Due to various reasons, the follow-up came to us for emergency help.
This case is quite special. It is the first time that Longzhong has planned such a system. In addition, the construction environment is located on the other side. Our partners flew back and forth several times. It took about half a year just to conduct phased discussions with the owner for the entire case, preliminary design, and other materials to arrive.

The construction schedule was just planned for winter, when we learned that due to the needs of the construction environment, we had to work in the open air. Under the weather conditions where it is snowing heavily and being baptized by smog, even tourism is extremely disappointing. This is our construction site. It is conceivable that the overall project difficulty has risen by another level. In the face of this harsh climate, we still gritted our teeth and carefully inspected the overall equipment movement, not intending to let go of any small details. After inspection, it was found that the original design was not conducive to effective system planning and future follow-up inspections and repairs. Therefore, we redesigned and wired the circuit of the entire panel to effectively systematize the entire vacuum equipment.

To Be Continued⋯⋯ 


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