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Longzhong vacuum system vacuum valve operation


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In this case, the industry is mainly testing the reaction of particle collisions in an ultra-high vacuum environment. So, how does a vacuum system work?
"Vacuum", a state of space defined as "the absence of any matter", is a physical phenomenon. The fewer particles, the more vacuum, and the vacuum tube used in this case must have a vacuum of 1×10−5Pa to 1×10−8Pa.
So how do you make it a vacuum? Let us introduce you one by one here!

Usually a vacuum pump is used, which is a kind of machine for making vacuum, which can discharge or absorb the air in a closed or semi-closed space to achieve a relative vacuum in the local space. Different types of vacuum pumps have different vacuum limits that can be absorbed/pumped, so to achieve the required standard, different types of vacuum pumps need to cooperate with each other.
There are many types of common vacuum pumps.


Longzhong vacuum system molecular pump

One of the vacuum pumps used in this case is: Molecular Pump

The molecular pump uses a high-speed rotating rotor to transmit momentum to the gas molecules, so that they can obtain a directional speed, and then use the front stage to extract the compressed air that is driven to the exhaust port.

Longzhong vacuum system screw pump

Screw pump

Dry screw pumps are suitable for low to medium vacuum related applications where oil free vacuum areas are required, with internal compression protecting bearings and seals.



Longzhong vacuum system cryopump


A cryopump is a vacuum pump that utilizes a low temperature surface to condense gas, also known as a condensate pump. The cryopump can obtain a clean vacuum with the largest pumping rate and the lowest ultimate pressure by means of adsorption. In this environment, all matter becomes a quiescent ionic state (ionization is like freezing)

The overall process is as follows: use a screw pump to pump into a vacuum, and then use a molecular pump to pump into a high vacuum environment, and the ultra-high vacuum needs to be assisted by a cryopump.
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