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According to research, each person uses about 274 liters of water a day
So where does the water come from?


The main sources of water resources in Taiwan are surface water and groundwater formed by rainfall.
About 3 to 4 typhoons hit Taiwan every year, these typhoons can bring quite abundant rainfall to Taiwan,
And solve the livelihood and industrial water.


However, a large-scale drought event will occur in the western half of Taiwan in 2021.

Do you still remember that in 2020, almost no typhoons were registered or approaching, and the plum rain in 2021 was the lowest since the official record, and the two most important water harvesting seasons for the reservoirs in the western half of Taiwan were less rainy? The water volume of reservoirs in Taiwan is very precarious, which has led to various levels of decompression, water restrictions, and even intermittent water supply in various counties and cities. closure, etc.
This time was the worst drought since 1947, also known as the "Hundred Years of Drought". At that time, I was praying every day that it would rain quickly~~ (shouting)

For the world, a lack of water in Taiwan could be bad for the global electronics industry, as many products used by consumers around the world depend on semiconductor chips made by Taiwanese companies. The chip industry contributes a lot to Taiwan's overall economy. About 90% of the world's highest-end chips are produced in Taiwan, but the manufacturing process requires a lot of water to clean the wafers. For the people's livelihood, for us who are deeply in the quagmire of the epidemic and need to wash our hands frequently, this is undoubtedly worse.


In order to avoid such a nightmare from happening again, in addition to developing a good habit of saving water resources, our "rainwater recycling system" can also come in handy!
The Water Resources Department also encourages people's livelihood and enterprises to build a rainwater recycling system to effectively utilize rainwater resources, which can not only reduce the consumption of precious tap water, but also effectively reduce the urban flood peak load during heavy rains.


Longzhong had previously undertaken a case. The owner was also very distressed about the source of water resources and wanted to maximize the benefits of water resources recycling. Global climate change is the biggest problem facing human beings, and it is very important to make good use of water resources in the rainwater recycling system.
In this case, we are responsible for the switching of the pipeline and the control of the water pump. The existing water tank is controlled by adding two switching valves. When the liquid level condition reaches a high point, the rainwater will not be recovered; if the liquid level of the water tank is too low, the pipeline will be switched to allow the rainwater to be discharged to the water tank. This system mainly filters the rainwater that is usually collected in the sink, and after filtration, confirms the PH value. If the value is within the allowable range, the water can be moved to the domestic water or used as recycled water.

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