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The borax poisoning that appeared in many costume dramas, and the boric acid deworming heard in life, what is this "boron"?


Boron is an environmental poison, a complex that exists in nature, it will not be broken down in the natural environment, it will only spread continuously. Although the toxicity itself is not strong, it has the characteristic of accumulation, and if accumulated to a certain extent, it will cause harm to the environment. The relevant laws and regulations point out that the boron-containing wastewater cannot be discharged into the environment beyond the standard value, so it is necessary to remove the boron in the wastewater before it can be discharged.

In 2017, the Soil and Water Conservation Department of the Environmental Protection Agency held a public hearing on the revision of the two sub-laws on the standard of running water and the classification and definition of the water pollution law, and will manage the "reclaimed water business" and "animal husbandry manure and urine resource treatment center" in the water pollution law. By industry, this is the second announcement of the standard for releasing water. Originally, a number of new and stricter standards have been proposed for 15 businesses individually. In the second announcement, it was proposed that all businesses should manage chromaticity, boron and other items, as well as ammonia nitrogen. These new and tighter controls have a three-year buffer and hit the road on July 1, 2020.
In the discharge water standard of the second announcement, except for petrochemical and public sewage and sewer systems that are not regulated, other industries are facing the control of "boron". 5.0mg/L, while the metal surface industry proposes to relax it to 15.0mg/L outside the protected area.

Countries around the world are paying more and more attention to the boron content in wastewater, and the boron removal system must also be more optimized.
We received a case a while ago. The customer wanted to increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment, so they contacted us, Longzhong, to cooperate with the equipment factory.

In view of this case and the needs of customers, LongZhong have made two major PLC program planning:
1. We add injection procedures for system regeneration to increase the service life of the resin.
2. Due to the modification of the production line process, the composition ratio of the discharged wastewater has also changed, and the regeneration procedure has also been modified and different controls have been added.

The ion exchange resin method is mainly used to treat boron in wastewater.
After the ion exchange resin is used for a period of time, the adsorbed impurities are close to the saturated state, and the regeneration treatment should be carried out. The steps are repeated until the boron content of the wastewater reaches a dischargeable value.


Longzhong has professional and many years of relevant experience in the program planning of wastewater systems. We can properly plan for the customer's integration needs with the highest performance and price ratio from the most professional point of view for the customer's cost compilation and engineering questions.
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