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Longzhong, who often goes in and out of customers' factories and clean rooms, finds that many owners have the same problem, that is, "industrial machinery and equipment are prone to overheating."
It is normal for the equipment to generate high temperature. If the machine is not cooled in time and the machine is often maintained at high temperature, it is easy to fail or cause damage, and there will be more troublesome problems to be dealt with in the future.

Are you curious about how to deal with industrial equipment that is prone to overheating?
You need to know this system - " PCW "

(Process Cooling Water,PCW),It is mainly composed of: PCW water tank, plate heat exchanger, water pump, ice water side coil and PCW water side piping.
The main function of this system is to supply cold water to cool the production equipment, so as to avoid failure or damage due to the high temperature of the production equipment.

In order to prevent the process machine from generating heat energy and high temperature to foul the water pipes, in order to maintain the process temperature, PCW is required for heat exchange, and the excess heat energy is taken away to reduce heat loss. The operation process usually uses RO pure water as the water source, and Use low-temperature water to cool the high temperature of the process equipment, and use the water circulation to take away the heat generated by the equipment to ensure the overall process safety.
In the process, a plate heat exchanger will be used to cool down the RO water, and the ice water for cooling is generated by the ice water machine, and the water is pressurized by a water pump to make the water flow through the plate heat exchanger and exchange heat with the RO water. , to achieve the function of cooling the process machine.
PCW the whole system will be continuously used in the ice water machine and equipment, so that it will not be consumed in large quantities.

PCW is not as simple as cooling and cooling, as long as you care about "temperature".
The whole process cooling water system is actually closely related to the details of temperature, pressure, and flow rate. A slight error in one link will lead to different results. Therefore, all aspects need to be paid attention to, and Longzhong can make it Do automatic control.

PCW the requirements are different from the general cooling water system, because it is used for the production machines in the clean room:
1.The water quality must be pure, so RO water is used.
2.The water supply pressure must be stable, so the pressure of the pressurized water pump must be stable.
3.There must be a stable cooling effect.
To sum up the above, it is necessary to use a plate heat exchanger, an ice water host and a water pump to become an integral process cooling water system

When planning, Longzhong will install thermometers and pressure gauges in the equipment pipeline to sense the temperature and flow of the water, and send the signal control back to the PLC, and then use the PLC to automatically control and adjust the speed of the pump to achieve cooling water. The constant pressure control of the system confirms that the cooling water can be accurately sent to the designated machine for cooling.

In addition, the equipment in the factory area is always running 24 hours a day, so in addition to the N running water pumps, there is usually a backup machine that can provide support.
However, if the backup machine is not running for many years, it is difficult to guarantee that it will work normally when it is needed. Therefore, Longzhong uses PLC automatic control to make the pumps automatically alternate and use in turn to ensure the normal operation of the standby machine.
When the pump machines are alternated, the system is often the most unstable. Through our Longzhong program automatic control, the pressure fluctuation during the alternating process can be minimized (the pressure fluctuation is less than 0.2 kg), so that the customer can take into account the performance of the standby pump. In addition, it will not cause the burden of the operation of the entire process cooling water system.

PCW can not only be used to cool the machine, but also can be used as the ice water supply for the temperature control of the clean room space of the high-tech industry. It is a common and necessary process cooling application system in the high-tech industry.
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