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An air compressor (also known as an air compressor) refers to a machine used to compress air to increase gas pressure. It is generally used in cement manufacturing, chemical plants, hydropower plants, food industry, control instruments, driving equipment, surface spraying, aircraft and automobile manufacturing, etc. It can be seen in almost all walks of life. But, did you know that it also has applications in hospitals?


Today we are going to talk about the case of air compressor and medical equipment system integration

Longzhong has handled a case before. The hospital asked us to use an air compressor to compress the air, and then use a dryer to remove the moisture in the air to make it clean.(CDA),For use in hospital dentistry and emergency rooms. We connect the air compressor to the PLC, and then to the graphic control. In order to facilitate the use of the hospital owners, we integrated the air compressor system with the computer system in their duty room, so that they can see the complete air compressor data on the graphic control: changes in the produced gas pressure and whether the temperature values ​​are abnormal. ,power consumption.

Here is a popular science for you, Why do dentists use air compressors?

The driving gas for the gas turbine dental drill is provided by the air compressor. Since the gas turbine dental drill will generate a lot of heat when it rotates at a high speed, there is also a water channel outside the gas channel on the dental drill to cool it during operation. The normal operation of the dental drill is directly related to the stability and smoothness of the water and air circuits. Therefore, it is essential to use the pressure sensor to measure the pressure of the outlet gas of the air compressor and the cooling water circuit. Through the measurement of the pressure sensor, the abnormal situation is monitored and processed to ensure smooth operation when using the air turbine dental drill. It is inevitable that the air compressor will play a role here.


So why do ERs need CDA?

In fact, the CDA produced by the above-mentioned dryer can be reused to separate the "oxygen" in the air by using a pure oxygen generator. The obtained pure oxygen can be used in the ward (oxygen mask), giving the most immediate rescue to patients in urgent need of medical rescue.

Air compressors are widely used in daily life and industry. Longzhong has also done various case projects of integrating air compressors and PLCs. Longzhong provides Technical Advisory Services | Tel: 06-243-7822