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Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI is a well-known Japanese brand that everyone is familiar with. The PLC programmable logic controller it produces is also widely used in various industries that require automatic control communication systems to perform timing, counting, logic operations, and sequences. Control and other performance instructions to control various types of mechanical equipment or production processes through digital or analog input/output.

Mitsubishi PLC has strategies from small equipment control to large system control operation. The common ones are FX series, A series, Q series, which are market A PLC brand with a fairly high share.


When writing PLC programs, you need to consider the specific PLC brand and model, because different PLC manufacturers use different programming languages ​​and software environments. When working in the automatic control industry, Longzhong often comes into contact with customers who need special automatic control applications such as connection between multiple components, analog control, and positioning control. Mitsubishi PLC can meet the wide range of needs of diverse customers, so Longzhong is very concerned about Mitsubishi PLC programming. , Inspection and debugging are very good.
What Longzhong wants to introduce to you today is: Mitsubishi series PLC


FX series Mitsubishi PLC:
Small size, high speed, high performance, system configuration is both fixed and flexible. The module programming is simple, and it can also be applied to special purposes such as connection between multiple basic components, analog control, positioning control, etc. It is a set of PLC that can meet diverse and extensive needs. Because it can control many small devices and can be widely used in general sequence control, FX series PLC is currently the model with the highest market share among Mitsubishi PLCs.
FX series PLC includes: FX1S, FX1N, FX2N, FX3U, FX5U...more



Misubishi FX1S series:

The overall fixed I/O structure (I/O points cannot be expanded), can communicate with external devices, computers and PLCs through standard interfaces such as RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485. With complete performance and communication functions, it is an ideal choice if the installation space and cost are considered.



Misubishi FX1N、FX2N、FX3U PLC:

Classified as a normal series
The terminals are connected by terminal blocks, and the voltage allows the use of AC power.
Adding extended structural forms to the basic unit
I/O can be added through the expansion module, and the AS-I/CC-Link network communication function can be added.
(FX5U is an upgraded version of 3U, no electricity is required for program saving and the communication speed is greatly improved)




Misubishi FX3G series:

The maximum number of I/O points can be expanded, and the calculation speed is fast. The main body has two high-speed communication interfaces (RS422&USB) that can be used synchronously, making the communication configuration selection more flexible. You can use software editing instructions to easily set the location, and in terms of program protection, FX3G has an essential breakthrough, you can set two levels of passwords (16 characters per level, enhanced password protection).
Because of its excellent cost performance, it is often used in the automatic control industry when there is a need for small-scale control.






Misubishi FX1NC、FX2NC、FX3UC PLC:

For the deformation series. On the basis of maintaining the original powerful functions, it realizes the advantages of reducing the size of the I/O type wiring interface and reducing the cost.
※ The main difference from the normal series is:
The terminal connection method adopts plug-in type, and the PLC power input is 24VDC.



A series Mitsubishi PLC:
Using Mitsubishi's special sequence control chip (MSP), A2ASCPU supports 32, while the number of loops of QnASCPU is unlimited and can be changed with the size of the memory capacity; the program capacity is from 8K steps to 124K steps. If a memory card is used, the amount of memory of QnASCPU Can be expanded to 2M bytes. There are a variety of special modules to choose from, including: network, positioning control, high-speed counting, temperature control and other modules.
A series PLCs include: A2S, A2US...more
※ The old-fashioned A-series PLC has been gradually discontinued and withdrawn from the market


Q series Mitsubishi PLC:
Developed on the basis of the A series, it is a medium and large PLC launched by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. CPU types include basic type, high-performance type, process control, motion control, redundant CPU, etc., which can meet various complex control requirements. In order to better meet the user's requirements for Mitsubishi PLC Q series products with high performance and low cost, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has specially launched the economical QUTESET type Mitsubishi PLC. Its performance indicators are fully compatible with Q00J, and it also fully supports programming software such as GX-Developer. Therefore, it has excellent cost performance.
It is worth mentioning that the Q series has a redundant CPU. The redundant system is used for extremely high reliability requirements of the control system, and the shutdown of the control system is not allowed.

The Q series has the following models:
‧Redundant CPU (suitable for non-stop control): Q12PRH, Q25PRH
‧Basic CPU (suitable for small-scale control): Q00J, Q00, Q01
‧High-performance CPU (suitable for medium and large-scale control): Qn, QnH,
QnPH, Q02, Q02H, Q06H, Q12H, Q25H, IQ-R


Whether it is writing PLC programs, modifying customers' original PLC programs, or debugging PLC programs, Longzhong can use clear logic and proficient writing techniques to design controllable logic programs.
Through the PLC, it is easy to achieve equipment positioning control, speed control, torque control, etc., to meet the needs of production line and measurement automation, and integrate the signal conversion of various switches and instrumentation equipment to monitor the operating status of the equipment. Not only to meet the needs of customers, Longzhong engineers have also accumulated a wealth of experience in writing and modifying customized PLC programs.


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