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Clean room inspection PLC automatic leakage detection detection graphic control alarm

Clean room inspection leak detection automatic graphic control system

Case sharing of PLC automatic liquid leakage detection and graphic-controlled alarm application in clean room inspection. The automatic system control operation does not require real people to be on hand at all times. When there is a liquid leakage in the clean room, it will immediately send out a liquid leakage detection and the graphic control alarm system will notify the relevant personnel to deal with it. The intuitive graphical user control interface can also help The factory staff can quickly grasp the internal conditions of the clean room.

In the clean room, which requires a high degree of cleanliness and isolation, both the indoor temperature and humidity must be strictly controlled properly. In addition to the requirements for dust particles in the area, there will also be monitoring systems for gas molecule chemical pollution, indoor pressure, etc., and various advanced Real-time monitoring of the process production environment, graphic-controlled alarm automation notification system, there are more actual cases in the Longzhong factory management graphic-controlled alarm system. As the name suggests, a clean room is a very high-level clean place without dust and pollution. Therefore, any dripping or liquid leakage cannot occur in the clean room, and it is even more dangerous if the chemical products leak out. Therefore, there are usually inspectors in the clean room to regularly detect the leakage problem.

Difficulties encountered by customers

The way to detect liquid leakage in a clean room is very simple, just test and record the dripping water at each detection point in the clean room.

However, when there are many clean rooms and a large space, this seemingly uncomplicated manual inspection will take a while to complete. Later, the owner approached Longzhong, hoping to automate the manual leakage detection process through PLC programming and manage alarm notifications through an intuitive graphical control interface.

Automation is Longzhong's strength, and meeting customer needs is our priority.

Longzhong offers a solution

To check and detect whether liquid leakage occurs in the clean room, the liquid leakage detection belt (Sensor) will be a good tool. The liquid leakage detection belt needs to be used in conjunction with the liquid leakage controller (Detector) to form a liquid leakage detection system. When any part of the wiring of the detection belt touches and detects leakage of liquid, the sensing line will short-circuit and provide an alarm signal at the same time. To the map control alarm system.

Longzhong uses PLC program design to simulate the occurrence of liquid leakage and the subsequent action of disconnection. The liquid leakage controller detects the leakage situation based on the detection of the change of the band resistance, and the PLC automatically detects whether the sensor is abnormal. Through The PLC controller is connected to the man-machine interface to send out graphic-controlled alarm signals. Any situation will be displayed on the SCADA monitoring graphic control interface. When there is a situation, a graphic control alarm will be issued as soon as possible to notify the factory staff to deal with it.

After the installation, Longzhong's engineers first asked the owner to conduct a liquid leakage test. Two inspectors are arranged in the clean room. One is dripping water on the liquid leakage detection belt. When a liquid leakage occurs, the other inspects the position of the automatic display data at the SCADA graphic control office. It will be officially used after the leakage test is all right.

With PLC automatic detection of liquid leakage detection and graphic control alarm system, it can effectively help the owner to eliminate tedious detection items, and routine personnel inspection of the clean room inspection work is more efficient and saves manpower, time and cost.✔✔

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