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Clean room PLC automatic leakage detection

Clean room leak detection automation


Today, I'm going to tell you about the mysterious clean room.
In a clean room, both indoor temperature and humidity must be properly controlled, and there will also be a monitoring system in the area to monitor whether the amount of dust meets the qualified standard. As the name suggests, it is a very clean place with no dust, no pollution.

Therefore, no dripping can occur in the clean room. If the chemicals leak out, it is even more dangerous. Therefore, there are usually inspectors in the clean room.


So, how does a clean room detect liquid leakage?
The liquid leakage detection belt is based on the principle of liquid conduction to detect whether water leakage occurs, so the detection belt needs to be used in conjunction with the liquid leakage controller. When any position of the detection belt touches the liquid, the induction line will be short-circuited, and the liquid leakage controller will judge the liquid leakage according to the change of the resistance of the detection belt, and connect it to the human-machine interface through the PLC to send out an alarm signal.
Usually, two inspectors are arranged in the clean room, one drips water on the leak detection belt, and when a leak occurs, the other checks whether the data location is correct at the SCADA man-machine.


When there are many clean rooms and a large space, this seemingly uncomplicated detection action will take some time to complete. Later, the owner approached us, Longzhong, and asked us to see if we could automate the process of manual leakage detection.
Automation is Longzhong's strength, and meeting customer needs is our priority


We use the PLC control program to simulate the occurrence of liquid leakage and subsequent disconnection, and the PLC will automatically detect whether the sensor is abnormal. In this way, only one person needs to be assigned to monitor the SCADA interface, helping the owner to effectively reduce labor costs.✔✔

As long as you put forward automation requirements, Longzhong will find a way to help you achieve it
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