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Factory machinery and equipment utilization rate and situation room kanban

Equipment Utilization Rate Situation Room Kanban

What is the equipment utilization rate?

The utilization rate of equipment is a ratio that measures the use of equipment from the perspective of equipment. The simple calculation formula of utilization rate is (operation time/load time)*100%, which is the percentage of time the equipment actually operates. It belongs to enterprise management. part of the "Key Performance Indicators" (KPI) in .

The utilization rate is expressed as a percentage. The higher the value, the higher the utilization rate of the company. The higher the utilization rate, the higher the efficiency of the operation of the factory equipment, and the more optimistic the company's industrial prosperity is.

If you want to know more about your plant, you must digitize and visualize plant equipment, tell managers what may happen, and instantly grasp the status of the plant and make major decisions quickly. Only by continuously adjusting the business model through the information conveyed by the data can we have the opportunity to increase the utilization rate of the plant's machinery and equipment.

Longzhong recently received a case. The customer needed a board in the war situation room to be able to grasp the operation of the equipment and machines in the entire factory area.

The equipment installed under each group of feeders is different. Longzhong integrates and digitizes the machinery and equipment systems in the whole region. Even if a pressure drop occurs, engineers no longer have to rush to the equipment they are responsible for in a hurry. Worry about the shortage of manpower and unable to deal with it in time. The biggest advantage of integrating machine equipment data into a situation room kanban is that the system program of the visual kanban can automatically determine the number of plant equipment in operation and the number of trips, so that the owner can instantly grasp the operation of important equipment. Reduce abnormal equipment downtime.

In this digital generation of information flow, "data" is undoubtedly the key to driving the intelligence of all walks of life in the future. Enterprises not only need to pay attention to data, but even the mastery of data must be improved to avoid being eliminated by the times. Therefore, it is believed that it will definitely become a must-have system for all enterprises in the future by actively controlling real-time warning notifications through the enterprise situation center and situation room Kanban board to improve the stability of the operation of machinery and equipment.

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