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Add HMI human-machine monitoring RTO

HMI man-machine interface monitoring RTO



It is a human-computer interaction device including hardware and software. In the production site, as the status information of visual equipment/devices, man-machine can be securely connected to two different networks, and a large amount of data generated by the field and the central control room can be aggregated for the operator to manage.


Longzhong took over a case. Before, he had built a set of HMI man-machine to monitor RTO (regenerative incinerator) in the customer's factory area. Later, because the duty personnel in the central control room also needed to know the status of the on-site RTO, the owner needed to A set of man-machine interface synchronization monitoring was installed in the central control room, and then contact us again Longzhong.

It's definitely not a problem to add a man-machine, the problem lies in this case with a tricky point:
The location of the RTO in the customer's factory area and the central control room are in different buildings, and the distance between the buildings is about 80 meters.


HMI and RTO location

Due to the distance problem, if you want to pull the physical network line, you must overcome many problems in the environment and configuration. From the perspective of construction, it will be difficult to achieve; if it is really implemented, the construction cost will also increase a lot. Customers are very distressed.

directional antenna WIFI

Later, our engineers from Longzhong conducted on-site inspections and discussed with customers
Decided to use a "directional antenna".
Although the directional antenna can only be used in a certain azimuth, the relative transmission distance is relatively long. Two buildings across the road, factories and warehouses with wide space are ideal environments for applying directional antennas.

The directional antenna is used to communicate with each other, so that the man-machine in the central control room can communicate with the on-site RTO through wireless WIFI. In this way, two sets of HMI man-machine monitoring RTO in different areas can be realized.


As long as it is the customer's demand, Longzhong will find a way to achieve it.
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