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Siemens PLC control panel assembly

Siemens PLC control panel assembly


When it comes to SIEMENS, whether it is PLC programming, or the assembly of PLC control panels, it is our specialty service project of Longzhong.
What I want to share today is the case of Siemens PLC control panel assembly.


Let me talk to you first, under what circumstances would a customer need Longzhong to build a PLC control panel from scratch?


add system

The most common situation is that a customer adds a new system. The new system usually wants to be separated from the existing system, so the design of the control system is usually independent, and a new PLC control panel is required at this time.

Expansion of existing systems

Another situation is that the capacity of the original control panel design by the customer does not meet the actual demand, and the signal must be expanded. At this time, Longzhong will need to configure a new PLC control panel for the customer.

Siemens PLC control box

Before assembling the control panel, the design is the foundation. It is necessary to design the circuit, plan the size of the panel in advance, and customize the appropriate size of the control panel box. After confirming that there is no problem, the subsequent assembly will begin.

There are Japanese-data-style and European-data-style control panels. We all know that "SIEMENS" is a German brand and belongs to European-data-style control panels.
However, no matter it is Japanese or European, Longzhong will plan to use different colors of lines to mark the lines of different signals in the PLC control panel, so that users or colleagues can clearly see which one is the line when checking and connecting the line. What kind of signal is the line. Regardless of whether it is a digital or analog signal, Longzhong will also design fuses to prevent other signals from being affected when the external signal is abnormal.

Siemens PLC storage box

In addition, in the power supply part of the PLC control panel, in addition to the power supply used during operation, in order to avoid the occurrence of system downtime, Longzhong will also design a backup power supply when circumstances permit to prevent the failure of the power supply. The overall signal disappears.

Longzhong, who started with power distribution control panels and has been deeply involved in the field of automatic control for many years, can assemble PLC control panels that best meet the needs of customers according to customer needs. Try to avoid and provide the record for you.


Longzhong not only pays attention to the needs of customers, but also completes each case with heart.
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