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Oil-immersed transformer repair

"Ah, it's already making such a loud noise, I need to replace the whole group!"
I don't know if you often hear this sentence when you have electrical equipment in your home broken and you ask a master to repair it?


We Longzhong once took over a case. The client was a community building. They said that the transformer in the community had abnormal noise. Although there is a sound when the transformer is operating, the sound is clear and regular during normal operation, but the loud volume of the transformer in this building has seriously affected the quality of life of the residents. The administrator looked for a few masters and said that the whole set of transformers might need to be replaced. Later, because of the introduction of the resident, it was recommended that the administrator can come to Longzhong for consultation and then find us.

Deteriorated insulating oil

According to our past experience, if the oil-immersed transformer makes abnormal noise, the most common reason is that there is a problem with the silicon steel sheet in the transformer. If the silicon steel sheet is loose, there will be a gap, which will lead to resonance during operation, and then the noise will be transmitted into the house by the wall steel bars.
But after we disassembled the transformer, we found that the transformer in this building was caused by another less common cause, and the masters who have not seen this situation may not know that the transformer oil has deteriorated for a long time.

insulating oil transformer oil

In recent years, the types of home appliances have been quite diversified, and every household has purchased more and more electrical equipment, such as microwave ovens, electric kettles, quick-cooking pots, etc. Frequent use of various types will easily overload the transformer, and the overloaded transformer will heat up the inner coil and deteriorate the transformer oil.
Originally supposed to be a transparent and clean insulating oil, it has become very turbid and black due to long-term use without replacement. There are still many black particles in it. We judge that it should be carbon deposition. When the insulating oil deteriorates and generates impurities, the original insulation effect is not good. When the transformer load is large, the addition of carbon deposits will have a magnetic conductivity effect, which will make the resonance sound louder, which is the reason for the abnormal sound.


Based on the judgment of the experienced and experienced, we finally replaced the insulating oil for this transformer, which reduced the original noise of 80 decibels to 60 decibels, solved the problem perfectly, and saved the customer a fortune that is not necessary at this stage. money!
Longzhong has been deeply involved in the installation of automation equipment for many years, and the profound practical experience accumulated is our most proud asset. Longzhong regards the needs of customers as its own needs. Regarding the quotation, we will not report the money that should not be spent; we will definitely remind you of the money that cannot be saved. This time, we can save a fortune for the customer, the customer is happy, and we are also happy~~

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