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Allen Bradley  AB PLC


Difficulties encountered by customers

The company's original AB PLC version is old and has been discontinued, so I want to replace it with a new version and model. Since AB PLC is relatively rare in the market, a new PLC will require some transfer and editing of the program, so the customer seeks our assistance from Longzhong.



Longzhong offers a solution

Longzhong engineers analyzed from a professional point of view, the existing module of the old AB PLC used by the customer is SOFTWARE REDUNDANT, and it is easy to have unexpected problems in switching during use. There are redundant parts in the software code that have nothing to do with the function of the program, which not only consumes system resources, but also reduces the execution efficiency of the software. This is a relatively immature method.
Longzhong engineers assisted the customer in replacing the new Allen-Bradley PLC. The selected AB PLC model was changed to a HARDWARE REDUNDANT module, and the actual hardware was used to detect or correct errors caused by faults. Its control and conversion are relatively stable, and its I The /O point control link is also more precise.



What is AB PLC?

The full name of "AB PLC" is "Allen-Bradley PLC", which is usually abbreviated as AB in the automation industry. is a series of products made by one of the largest PLC manufacturers in the United States: Rockwell Automation. AB PLC has many software versions, and provides controllers for projects of different scales. It is the programmable controller designated by many American companies. For market industries that will apply automatic control technology today, especially industrial manufacturing, panel manufacturing, electronic technology and some imported process machines, the demand for AB PLC is still very strong.



The difference between AB PLC and other PLC

The type of network used by AB PLC is an open network, which is compatible with other company's products. The AB PLC control layer network adopts ControlNet, which is a high-performance industrial area network. It is open and widely supports standardized networks. It can integrate all machine equipment integration systems and multi-function strong>At the same time, the network used between PLC processors cannot be used to expand I/O racks or slave stations, high efficiency to identify data and receive messages from production machines (message generation) at the same time Data messages, if some messages are not needed, it can ignore them, and only process those messages it needs, which improves network efficiency, repeatability, flexibility, etc., and is extremely scalable, and can share I/ O, and has powerful and convenient network configuration and diagnosis functions.  


Although the interface and programming methods of AB PLC are slightly different from those of other brands of PLCs, Longzhong Enterprise has been deeply involved in the automatic control industry for many years and has profound experience in programming and editing various PLC programs. To assist customers in writing AB PLC logic control programs, version upgrades of programmable logic devices, PLC firmware updates, or other brand PLC programming needs, Longzhong can provide you with the most professional evaluation suggestions, and can accurately find for customers problem and solve it!


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