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Today we are going to talk about what isAB PLC

The full name of "AB PLC" is "Allen-Bradley PLC", abbreviated as AB. It is a series of products made by one of the largest PLC manufacturers in the United States: Rockwell Automation. AB supplies controllers for all projects of different sizes, and the demand for AB is still very strong for all industries, especially the industrial category.


How is this PLC different from other PLCs?
The network types used by AB are all open networks, which can be well compatible with other companies' products. The AB control layer network adopts the ControlNet network, which is a high-performance industrial area network with the advantages of openness, high efficiency, multi-function, determinism, repeatability, flexibility, etc. /O, and has powerful and convenient network configuration, diagnostic functions and reliability.

The above features are the advantages of AB, so what are the disadvantages of AB?
That isexpensive。(???)

A while ago, we received a project to upgrade and replace the PLC. The demand was from old customers who continued to cooperate. Because their company's original AB version is old and has been discontinued, they want to replace it with a new AB. The existing module of the old model is SOFTWARE REDUNDANT, which is more prone to unexpected problems in switching. There are redundant parts in the software code that are not related to the function of the program, which not only consumes system resources, but also reduces the execution of the software. Efficiency, this is a less mature way; later the new AB changed it to a HARDWARE REDUNDANT module to detect or correct errors caused by faults with actual hardware, making its control more stable.


Although the interface of AB and the way of writing programs are slightly different from other PLCs, we have a large number of talented engineers, and we can write all kinds of PLCs.
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