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Food waste fermentation equipment

Longzhong Food waste fermentation machine


Last week at Longzhong FB fan page we shared our own designs with you kitchen waste fermentation equipment,The system later caught the attention of an environmental protection company in Shanghai. The other party was very interested in this. After contacting Longzhong, they made an appointment to fly to Taiwan to visit our Qingongdu Farm in Kanding, Pingtung.


That year, African swine fever was rampant, and African swine fever was active in many parts of the world. Although this swine fever virus is not transmitted to humans, the strain of the virus is constantly mutating. Once infected, it will soon become sick, with a mortality rate of almost 100%, and there is currently no vaccine available for prevention and treatment. In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, governments around the world have ordered a ban on using food waste to feed pigs.

Those who came from Shanghai on a business trip to study farm surveys agreed that Longzhong's kitchen waste fermentation equipment is very efficient. The resulting fertilizer is not only completely fermented and has no odor, but also allows plants to grow well. Using kitchen waste as compost can solve the current headache of kitchen waste.
After actually seeing the entire operation process of the kitchen waste fermentation equipment on the farm, they decided to ask Longzhong to help them copy a fermentation system to Xuzhou Farm, Jiangsu!



This set of kitchen waste fermentation equipment can be mainly divided into pre/post fermentation machine:
●Pre-fermenter to decompose food waste.
●Post-fermenter to mature the kitchen waste into fertilizer.

Although it is a technology transfer, it is not as simple as making a machine in Taiwan. The entire fermentation equipment is directly moved there. This kitchen waste fermentation system is all customized, and some materials are not so easy to obtain, so you must find local substitutes with the same specifications.


Considering that Longzhong still had many engineering cases in Taiwan at that time, it was impossible to temporarily dispatch personnel to stay in Xuzhou for so long, so Longzhong's engineers carefully drafted all the material lists and the requirements for assembling the control panel, and sent the contract to the Shanghai-based company. The manufacturer asks the other party to perform as required.

To Be Continued⋯⋯🚶🏻



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