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iFIX data control clean room AHU

iFIX graphic control air conditioning box

iFIX graphic control control clean room AHU air conditioning box


Longzhong took over a case, the customer needs a set of graphic control that can monitor the clean room AHU air-conditioning box.
The operation process of the AHU air-conditioning box is not complicated: at the beginning, the general air is drawn from the air-conditioning box, and it will first pass through the primary filter and bag filter to filter out impurities and dust. Increase the air humidity by washing the humidifier, and then according to the temperature in the clean room, choose whether to use an ice water coil to cool down or an electric heater to heat it, so as to control the temperature of the wind. Finally, the frequency conversion windmill is used to blow the treated air-conditioning air into the clean room.


The self-developed graphics control software used by the original client company has not been maintained for many years, and the correctness of the information cannot be tested. Therefore, the graphics control software needs to be updated.

iFIX is the graphic control software used by Longzhong in this case.
iFIX provides process visualization, data collection and data monitoring of production operations, which can quickly respond to production events and help users accurately monitor production processes. In short, it can provide a complete set of solutions for accurate, open and secure data collection and management of enterprise-level production processes.
Through iFIX, Longzhong allows managers not only to clearly monitor/control the AHU air-conditioning box system in the clean room, but also to set the PID value of the windmill inverter by themselves. It can be manually set or automatically output and controlled during operation, providing users with humanization. management options.


Compared with the dense data system, the graphical control system with a clear and simple interface is superior in user experience. What exactly is "Graphic Control"?


what is 'graphic control'

Graphic control is simply a graphic control software, that is, a graphic interface monitoring software that integrates various signals and controls into a computer. Graphical control can provide operators with more intuitive and intuitive operation and strain.
The common graphic control software on the market, such as iFIX, Webaccess, InTouch, etc., are our specialty projects of Longzhong. With the accumulated experience over the years, I believe that we can definitely help customers to design the most convenient graphic control interface.


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