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Factory equipment abnormal mail alarm system

The case of abnormal alarm system for factory equipment is that Longzhong integrates various systems and equipment of the whole factory for customers, and can set abnormal alarm value conditions to notify fast processing, and shorten the recovery time of abnormal processing downtime.

The customer faces a wide range of manufacturing plants and needs to maintain various systems and equipment in the plant, such as dust-free room temperature and humidity monitoring, industrial water tower liquid level, pressure value in PCW pipeline, power system, gas supply system...etc. The equipment systems are scattered in the factory. When the abnormal situation of different system equipment occurs in various places in the interior, the duty personnel must first contact the person in charge of the system or the absence of the factory service personnel, and the time to deal with the abnormal equipment of the factory service will be extended and delayed until the restart time.

Longzhong plans an early warning system for abnormal factory equipment for customers
1. Monitor the equipment information of various heterogeneous systems in the factory
2. Values within a safe range can be set
3. When it exceeds the limit, it will be notified by mail to warn the personnel to deal with it

Pressure liquid level dust-free room temperature humidity monitoring mail alarm system

Integrating and monitoring equipment information of various systems can greatly reduce the probability of customers being caught off guard when faced with abnormal plant equipment failures, and can also reduce process losses caused by equipment abnormalities without warning. Just like going to the doctor when you have a problem, it has already had a detrimental impact on your health. Usually, monitoring the factory equipment allows customers to set the Dead band buffer value by themselves, and decide how far the value falls according to the customer's needs. If it is too low), a mail alarm notification will be sent, and the mail notification will be sent according to the pre-set groups and recipients of different equipment points, so as to reduce the post-event review of major abnormal problems of the equipment.

The system automatically sends out a mail alarm system to notify the management personnel, this part is the choice of the customer; now the alarm technology is sent directly through LINE, and we have also done related service cases in Longzhong! See :The laboratory automatically detects gas leaks in series with Line to send automatic notifications

Whether it is power, electromechanical system, water treatment, temperature and humidity monitoring, etc., Longzhong Enterprise has a lot of experience in automatic control factory system integration, and integrates various automation equipment and production line manufacturing systems with customized PLC program planning. , making the factory work process smoother and safer.


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