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Customized PLC adds photoelectric sensing abnormal automatic stop device

Induction chain abnormal automatic stop device

Longzhong's customized PLC automatic control engineering case would like to share with you. This customer is a well-known chain company. He hopes to add a chain sensing device to the test machine, which can automatically stop when an abnormality is sensed during the process, and the process needs to be conducive to testers to replace the chain.

After inspecting the environment at the site, our engineers in Longzhong have been in touch with many custom PLC requirements for system automation projects in the automatic control industry, and sorted out the matters needing attention for customers. The most important equipment environment problem is the limited operating space of the overall machine. , and the chain has a high probability of spraying oil during operation (environmental oil pollution problem), adding chain abnormality detection and automatic stop equipment functions according to customer needs, and also devising a suitable way to solve this case.

After discussion with the owner, the adopted method is "photoelectric sensing" installation. Install the photoelectric induction device on the chain wear-resistant machine, and write a program in the PLC programmable controller. When the light detection does not sense the chain, the machine will automatically stop. The device of the photoelectric detection switch does not occupy too much space in the operating environment. Customers like the addition of small and precise photoelectric detection, which is efficient and does not require large space engineering to solve their problems.

In order to cooperate with the customer's chain to test the size of the wear-resistant machine, the preparatory work of Longzhong's pre-operation:

✦ Hardware part: The photoelectric sensor hardware part needs to be customized
✦ Software part: The photoelectric detection switch signal is set to the customer's existing PLC program, so that it can automatically control the induction

Install photoelectric sensor transmitters and receivers in the narrow space of the customer's chain machine equipment to reduce the design and change man-hours for customers. Longzhong specializes in PLC programming design, and the data of abnormal photoelectric detection signals is controlled by the PLC program. The action status of the equipment , so that the chain wear test machine stops automatically, reducing the damage of the machine equipment. In addition, the engineer designed an iron mask just above the photoelectric sensor to solve the problem of environmental oil splashing on the sensor.

The photoelectric induction abnormal automatic stop device added by Longzhong for the owner can overcome the problem of environmental oil pollution and fully meet the needs of the owner. chance of damage to machinery.

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