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The laboratory automatically detects gas leaks in series with Line to send automatic notifications

The laboratory automatically detects gas leaks in series with Line to send automatic notifications


Here, I would like to share with you a customer that Longzhong continues to cooperate with. The other laboratory needs to establish a system that can automatically detect gas leakage. In response to this demand for automatic detection of gas leakage, in addition to helping customers install sensors in the laboratory, Longzhong uses the LINE community software to send and set up a LINE Token API, which can automatically detect gas leakage in the sensor. At present, through the settings on the Longzhong automatic detection system, the mobile phone LINE will automatically send a message to notify the administrator, and the central monitoring software will be used to send the message, and there is no need to purchase a LINE physical transmitter.
Through the operation of LINE software on existing smartphones, in addition to allowing customers to remotely monitor the on-site conditions in the laboratory, any problems that need urgent treatment can also be known at the first time, which improves laboratory security and strengthens integration. Control device management capabilities.


We always hope that computers and machines will become more and more humanized. With the maturity of technology and various aspects of industry in the 21st century, smart factories, automatic warehousing, intelligent automation...etc. New terms that have not been heard before are springing up like mushrooms after a rain.
The current generation is pursuing automation, intelligence, and intelligence. It has become more and more necessary to add the word "smart" in front of any industry. What is the definition of "wisdom"?


Longzhong planned and designed a small intelligent automatic system for the client in this case.
Through the system of automatic detection of gas leakage, it can not only bring instant laboratory safety and management convenience to customers, but also more efficient and intelligent management of laboratory and small things, using automatic system data to communicate with machines and equipment, to Real-time data LINE sends automatic notifications to achieve zero-day information transmission.


Long Zhong has been engaged in the field of automation control integration management and control engineering for more than 30 years. The profound experience accumulated has made us very clear about how to deal with the details of automatic control systems in engineering projects and design cases. In addition to meeting the needs of automating the system, it also enables customers to operate the automation system in a more convenient, simple and intelligent way.

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