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PLC control FFU clean room automatic monitoring system



Today Longzhong wants to share with you the case of clean room! The main content of the case is that the customer's needs are automatic control FFU (Fan Filter Unit)( This article mentions the relationship between FFU introduction and clean room FFU? DCC? Why is a clean room needed?,If you haven't seen it, you can click here to find out! )

The client of this clean room FFU system case is already an old client of Longzhong. The other party has many previous control system cases about clean room which were designed and produced by Longzhong. Longzhong has also done similar clean room FFU control projects in other factories of the owner before. This time the owner hopes to automatically monitor the FFU system in the new factory and cooperate with the alarm function。

PLC program control clean room FFU

In the former clean room facility:
At that time, the owner only had basic remote start-stop requirements→ selected AC FFU;
This time, in response to the control needs of the new factory area:
Need FFU automatic monitoring and alarm function→ DC FFU is a more appropriate choice.

Clean room FFU system PLC automatic control

DC FFU uses the IC board to control the current size, and then controls the speed of the FFU fan. Longzhong wrote a PLC program so that the PLC can be connected with the FFU controller, and the control loop can be connected in series, and then use the graphic control software to connect the PLC to capture and return the status to achieve automatic monitoring.
Regarding the alarm part, unlike the AC FFU, it only has a trip function. DC FFU can provide alarm reminders for the status of insufficient fan speed, high current, whether the communication return will be disconnected……, etc., so that managers can perceive the problem more comprehensively and deal with it immediately.



What is the difference between AC FFU / DC FFU?

In fact, if the "power supply mode" is used to distinguish, FFU can be divided into two types: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).
●Group switch/monitor
●Efficiency assurance ability without actual operation
●No constant air volume output capability
●Lower initial setup cost; higher operating cost
●Basic control capabilities (such as alarm tripping)

●Can do individual/group switch monitoring
●Adjustable speed to maintain windmill efficiency and air volume
●Higher initial setup cost; lower operating cost
●It can centrally control and display the running status of the fan in detail through the monitoring computer



Our Longzhong enterprise has considerable experience in the integration of automated factory affairs systems. So far, many large technology companies and wafer companies have always looked to Longzhong to deal with automatic control problems in clean rooms. The experience accumulated over many years has made Longzhong's ability in clean room system integration planning very precise. I believe that Longzhong will definitely meet your needs.


If you have any questions about clean room FFU automatic control or other clean room factory system planning, please feel free to contact us.!
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