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Instruments and Electronics between gas cabinet and SCADA


In this era of rapid development of industry and technology, various gases have been widely used in various industries today. In the process of many high-tech industries, gas has always played a very important role, especially in the semiconductor process, including: dry etching, oxidation, ion implantation, thin film deposition…… and other technical processes, Both use a considerable amount of gas. The purity of gas has a decisive impact on component performance and product yield, and the safety of gas supply is related to the health of personnel and the safety of factory operations.

Special gas cabinets are mainly used to supply special gases, also known as special gas supply systems.
The special gas supply system is the most dangerous part in the semiconductor factory. Any negligence may cause serious loss of personnel, plant and equipment. In particular, some of the gases are self-flammable. As long as they leak, they will react violently with oxygen in the air and start to burn. Some gases are also highly toxic. Any slight leakage may cause harm to human life. Because of these dangers that must be avoided, the owners usually have particularly high safety requirements for the special gas system, and must always check whether the equipment is too old and needs to be replaced.

Taiwan is the heart of the semiconductor industry, and there will naturally be a demand for the replacement of special gas cabinets, and Longzhong has also taken over many such cases.
We help customers to integrate the PLC control system on the gas cabinet by connecting and integrating the network cable, and transmit the information of the single equipment to the central monitoring system and display it on the SCADA, so that the customer can know the various information on the gas cabinet in the control room. , and immediately notify the person in charge of the emergency response as soon as the abnormality occurs, so as to achieve the integration of the instrument and electricity.

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