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Automatic control TO direct-fired incinerator

The exhaust system is a very important and indispensable system for the environment and personnel safety, so it has been paid special attention in factory planning. has been introduced in previous casesRTO regenerative incinerator,The case to be shared today is the TO direct-fired incinerator case that Longzhong has done.

The client entrusted by this case, the exhaust gas to be treated in the factory is corrosive, not only that, the exhaust gas will combine with the air to form hydrochloric acid at high temperature, so the exhaust method of the owner's factory area is: TO direct-fired incinerator . The waste gas is treated at high temperature, and its acid and alkali are neutralized in cooperation with the scrubber.

PLC automatic control TO direct-fired incinerator

The operation of the old TO equipment is very inconvenient. To carry out the ignition control program of the TO direct-fired incinerator, the operator must act step by step on the spot.
So the owners hope that Longzhong can assist in automating their processes.

In addition, the difficulty of this case is: a rather limited time.
No matter what industry it is, as long as it is a factory, usually *non-major incidents* do not usually implement shutdown operations. After all, a shutdown will affect the overall production operation and efficiency. Therefore, if Longzhong wanted to construct this case, he could only wait for the scheduled annual repair time of the customer's factory.


TO incinerator PLC automatic control

Engineer Longzhong planned the project into two parts:

●Hardware: replace the old burner and control panel, and assemble a new control panel.
●Software: Connect the PLC control signal to the new burner and control panel, connect the signal to the HMI man-machine interface in series, and then update and upgrade the information of the DCS distributed control system.

In actual operation, Longzhong's engineers seized the annual repair time to dismantle the old equipment and transported the new automatic control panel equipment into the factory, and the software part was also handled smoothly.
However, in addition to ensuring the normal operation of the PLC control system, there must be zero errors that do not affect other systems in the plant. Therefore, the completed automated TO incinerator system has to undergo continuous testing by our Longzhong engineers.

After several days of testing the machine until late at night, it has been able to ensure that the system is normal and correct, and this case of automatic control of TO direct-fired incinerators is completed.


What is TO Direct Fired Incinerator?

TO, also known as direct-fired furnace, is a direct-fired exhaust gas treatment equipment. The TO direct-fired incinerator uses the high-temperature heat after fuel combustion to oxidize and decompose the gas containing volatile organic waste gas (VOCs) at high temperature, and uses the calculated oxygen supply, combustion temperature, residence time and turbulence degree. Waiting for the four combustion conditions, increase the temperature of the organic waste gas (the combustion temperature is mostly 700~800℃), so that the expected purification treatment effect can be achieved, and the organic oxidation efficiency can reach 99%.


Now, after the Longzhong system is transformed and the entire exhaust system process is automated, the operator no longer needs to operate the process step by step. Through automatic control of the TO direct-fired incinerator, now the operator only needs to confirm the operation status of the machine displayed on the HMI man-machine panel.

Longzhong, who has been deeply involved in the field of automatic control for many years, has accumulated considerable practical experience in system integration or system automation. As long as you have automation needs, Longzhong can create 100% customized projects for you. I believe our services can solve your problems and meet your needs!


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