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DeNOx system unit piping

DeNOx system piping

Longzhong took over a long-term customer case before, and the project content was to carry out the piping and cable pulling of the DeNOx system. In this case, the client's main equipment is placed on the top floor, but the electrical panels and other system equipment are placed on various floors and distributed in various areas.
Longzhong must carry out piping and wiring of these control panels, power panels and other system devices, and integrate all instrument signals and connect them with PLC control signals.

DeNOx system instrument electrical piping wiring

Why did this client ask Longzhong to do it?
Not only because the customer has been working with us for a long time, but because the piping engineering of the DeNOx system requires high standards, such as:
1. The junction box cannot be used according to the regulations on the use of field lines
2. Each group of sensing signals needs to be individually sent back to the PLC programmable logic controller
3. The detailed CAD wiring drawing with complete specifications of the construction site must be provided (as shown in the figure)


Longzhong, who has many years of piping experience, knows the regulations and can plan the wiring engineering design that meets the requirements in full accordance with the regulations.
In this case of the DeNOx system device piping case, the control panel visible on the graphic control is assembled to the information circuit to integrate the hardware engineering, to the subsequent piping circuit, connection to the PLC programmable logic controller, etc. It can be done for the customer, so the customer can hand over the project to Longzhong with confidence.


Longzhong distribution line
Wiring site-1


Longzhong piping site
Wiring site-2


Longzhong Piping Plant
Wiring site-3



In order to allow your system to be managed in the most convenient way and run in the most efficient mode, including calculation of various wire requirements and various instrument cable piping, these have been systematically designed by our engineers in Longzhong.

Automatic control is Longzhong's strength, and meeting customer needs is Longzhong's priority.

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