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Industrial pure water system instrument control improvement project

Industrial pure water system control


A lot of pure water needs to be used in the manufacturing process of many products. In order to save water resources, it is also necessary to design the backwater wastewater discharge and filter water quality system. What Longzhong wants to talk about today is a case of helping customers improve the process of industrial pure water system!
Before we start talking, friends who don't know the water system, you can go and review the last article about the instrumentation and control engineering of the industrial pure water system: PLC application in industrial pure water system process control will have a better understanding of the whole case process


Difficulties encountered by customers

Pure water is normally weakly acidic, and the customer's pure water system is used in the production line for product production, which means that the purity of the water will directly affect the product yield.
Water treatment must go through 2B3T, and sometimes due to the residual sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in the ion exchanger, the water becomes alkaline and is not found, and the quality of the output products will be doubted. And the consumption of pure water always exceeds the predetermined amount, the water consumption is greater than the preset value, and the control rate is not good.



Factory waste water detection system graphic control

Longzhong provides solutions

Longzhong first helped the customer to improve the instrument control of the 2B3T system, installed a water acid-base detector (PH meter), collected the remaining pure water used in the production line, and installed a return water pipeline configuration in the factory area.
Through PLC program design, instrument and electrical control to modify the circuit, a switching system that can automatically detect water quality is added to the system. Through the pH value interval entered by the customer, the system can determine whether the water in the return pipe should be discharged to the 2B3T system for regeneration or not. Discharged as waste water.

*On the right is the image control screen for setting automatic detection filter conditions*



Industrial pure water system wastewater discharge

The improved industrial pure water system of Longzhong Instrument Control can greatly improve the high consumption rate of pure water in the customer's factory area, and automatically detect the pH of the water. The move could also help improve manufacturing yields.

*On the left is the circuit diagram of the waste water discharge of the pure water system in the final customer's factory area*



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