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Clean room engineering wiring modification design planning

Clean room engineering wiring modification design planning
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The case I want to share with you today is about a clean room wiring modification project.
The customer's clean room has been renovated. In order to adapt to the configuration of the new factory area, the original internal control system lines need to be modified. At the same time, Longzhong will also add the required functions according to the needs of the customer.


Difficulties encountered by customers

1. The wiring configuration of the old clean room is not completely consistent with the new clean room, and some parts must be redesigned.
2. The original MAU external air conditioning box system has outdated internal sensing elements, resulting in poor performance.
3. The FFU fan filter system cannot operate after the pressure drop occurs and must be restarted, causing great trouble for customers.
4. The map control needs to be updated to the layout and location map of the new clean room factory area, and the daily status report of the factory system equipment needs to be added.


Longzhong provides solutions

1. Longzhong's engineers make an assessment according to the construction site of the new clean room, make some changes to the original wiring, and design a new wiring plan.
2. Confirm the sensors in the MAU system used by the customer one by one, and replace them with new sensor components to maintain the original normal performance.
3. In order to prevent the equipment from shutting down when the pressure drops, the FFU fan filter system control is changed to OMRON self-holding relay power supply. This relay has excellent vibration resistance and shock resistance. It adopts special magnetic materials, and the characteristics of contact tracking and contact pressure change little, so the continuous holding time is long, which can meet the customer's need to achieve the FFU system when the voltage drop is restored. the need to maintain operation.
4. Design a new clean room wiring plan, redraw the factory map, and strengthen the map control function according to the needs of customers, and add a function that can automatically produce an excel report on the equipment status of the factory system, without the need to manually make a report.


Longzhong has been deeply involved in the field of automatic control for many years, and has many years of experience in serving customers in the technology and semiconductor industries. Therefore, Longzhong not only understands the needs of customers, but also can meet the needs of customers with its services.
For clean room engineering, from circuit modification, assembling control panel box, installing sensor sensor to PLC automatic control, and optimizing factory system/graphic control function…… etc., Longzhong can provide one-stop service Service, so that you don't need to manage multiple contractors, and you can leave the case to us at Longzhong with peace of mind.


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