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A "power outage" is also known as a power failure or an electrical incident.

There are many reasons for power outages: damage to power supply facilities caused by natural disasters, accidents in power supply caused by human negligence, or time-limited power outages due to plans to be implemented...etc, especially now that summer is here, and even more so It is easy to have a power outage due to overloaded power consumption! (I believe everyone has an impression)


For an industry located in an industrial zone, regular downtime is a big deal.

If it is known that there is a planned power outage, at least it can be planned and prepared in advance; if the power outage without warning stops the production line, or causes problems such as data loss, although accidents cannot be avoided, it will lead to considerable responsibility. And losses need to be borne by personnel. Therefore, whether it is a planned or unexpected power outage, we must take measures to prevent it from causing us losses.


The last time we received a case, the content was mainly responsible for installing the UPS uninterruptible power system in the customer's CDA air compressor system. The UPS uninterruptible power system is to provide backup AC power for electrical load devices uninterruptedly in the case of power grid abnormalities, such as power failure, undervoltage, interference or surge (inrush current), so that it can maintain the machine after a power failure. A normally functioning device that provides buffer time for machine archiving or emergency placement.


This device is actually very everyday, not only limited to industry, but can be used by individuals, ordinary households or businesses. In addition to providing facilities with power backup in the event of unplanned power outages, it is also essential to protect connected equipment from business loss or data loss caused by unexpected power outages. system~~

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