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power failure

Also known as power failure or power accident. There are many reasons for power outages: natural disasters damage power supply facilities, human error causes accidents in power supply, or there are plans to implement power outages within a limited time...etc. Especially in summer, it is more likely to cause power outages due to power overload!


For industries located in industrial areas, daily shutdowns are a big deal.
If there is a known planned power outage, at least you can plan and prepare in advance; if there is no warning, it is very likely to cause serious problems such as data loss. Although accidents are unavoidable, they will lead to considerable responsibilities and losses that need to be borne by personnel. Therefore, whether it is a planned or sudden unexpected power outage, we must take measures to deal with it, so as not to bring us losses as much as possible.


So you need to know this system:UPS Uninterruptible Power System


UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply)

UPS is a device that continuously provides backup AC power for electrical load devices in the event of power grid abnormalities, such as power failure, undervoltage, interference or surge (surge current), so that it can maintain the normal operation of the machine after a power failure, and provide buffer time for machine archiving or emergency placement.

Longzhong Instruments integrates UPS uninterruptible power system

Its power supply principle is: when the mains power is normal, the UPS uninterruptible power system will convert the alternating current (DC) of the mains into direct current (AC). On the one hand, it provides a converter to convert clean AC power for equipment use, and on the other hand, it charges the battery for use in case of power interruption; once the mains power is abnormal, the UPS converts the DC power stored in the battery into AC power for the converter to continue to use for the load to achieve the function of uninterrupted power supply.

The last time Longzhong received a case, the content was mainly responsible for installing UPS in the customer's CDA air compression system.
This uninterruptible power supply device is actually very everyday, not only limited to industry, but can be used by individuals, ordinary families or enterprises. In addition to providing facilities with power backup during unplanned power outages, it can also protect connected equipment from business losses or data loss caused by unexpected power outages. It can be said to be a very necessary system~~

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