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AI intelligent dosing wastewater treatment system saves water resources for enterprises

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Entrusted by a client in the technology panel industry this time, today I’m going to tell you about a case of factory wastewater treatment
The customer hopes to make the factory area more automated through the AI ​​intelligent dosing wastewater treatment system. In addition to shortening the wastewater regeneration treatment time, optimizing the process of the overall wastewater treatment system, and hoping to save water resources for the enterprise.


Difficulties encountered by customers

The water quality of wastewater varies from day to day. Adding chemicals in a regular and quantitative manner is prone to overdosing or underdosing, so personnel are required to monitor the operation.
Now, in order to allow AI to intelligently add chemicals so that the wastewater treatment system can automatically control and calculate the appropriate dosage, it is necessary to let the AI ​​smart computer learn a lot and record the data of adding chemicals to wastewater in the usual factory area. Therefore, the customer needs our Longzhong to help design an automatic chemical dosing wastewater treatment system, which must be able to exchange data with the AI ​​computer.


Longzhong offers a solution

Firstly, the engineer uses PLC programmable logic controller to collect the sensor information installed in the waste water treatment plant, and transmits the data to the graphic control in series, so that the management personnel in the plant can clearly understand each sensor through the graphic control screen and the condition of the sink.
According to the difference in the composition of the wastewater in each tank, the amount of chemical to be added is also different. Through experienced operators operating wastewater dosing values ​​on the map control, the map control will send the operation process and result data information to the smart computer, let it read and learn, and the results of AI computer learning will also be sent back to the map control Have the operator check.

The AI ​​precision dosing system assists operators to effectively grasp the current water quality environment, and accurately add chemicals to control the water environment, reduce unnecessary drugs and water waste, and save water resources for enterprises.

Wastewater Treatment System Process


Information integration is our specialty at Longzhong! Through professional PLC programming technology, you can integrate the required systems in your factory area, so that you can not only facilitate management, but also improve the operating efficiency in the factory area.


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