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PLC Automatic Judgment Recycling Wastewater Recovery System

PLC Automatic Judgment Recycling Wastewater Recovery System


Residential sewage can be purified and reused through the regeneration process to achieve a complete water cycle. The reclaimed wastewater is usually collected through the pipelines of the reclaimed water plant, and through automatic judgment of the judgment value of the regenerated wastewater recycling system, the regenerated and recycled water that meets the conditions is provided to industrial factories, technology industries, panel semiconductors that require a lot of water...etc. and other enterprises, to use water for product manufacturing and other purposes. Wastewater recycling can effectively save water resources.


Difficulties encountered by customers

Before using the reclaimed water for the people's livelihood, it is necessary to filter the PH value, turbidity, content of various chemical substances of the reclaimed water... etc., and check whether all items meet the applicable standards before introducing it into the factory. Due to cost considerations, the use of recycled wastewater is also limited by the upper limit of daily usage.
In response to the above specification requirements, the sensing pipeline in the customer's factory area needs to build an automatic judgment regeneration wastewater recovery system. In addition to filtering the regenerated water quality, this automatic water quality judgment system also needs to automatically record the daily consumption of regenerated water in the factory area, and these functions must be automatically controlled in conjunction with the valves of the sluice circuit.


Longzhong offers a solution

Because the reclaimed water field that collects and recycles waste water is some distance away from the owner's factory area, and the underground water pipe lines are relatively complicated, so Longzhong uses Siemens S7-300 PLC programmable logic controller, and uses S7-300 to capture multiple sets of sensor points to control the automatic Control the valves on the system, and capture the signal and usage back to the graphic control interface in the customer's factory. The value is set by the automatic judgment system. If all the water meets the conditions within the value, the line valve will be automatically opened; if the conditions are not met or the upper limit of reclaimed water used in a single day is full, the pipeline valve will not be opened.

The PLC automatically judges the recycled wastewater recovery system, which not only enables the customer's factory area to easily manage the water quality of the recycled water, but also enables a more comprehensive grasp of the water status of the recycled wastewater in the factory area.


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