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Clean room intelligent air conditioning constant temperature and humidity energy saving system control

Dust-free room temperature humidity control


For clean room air conditioning systems, temperature and humidity control is a very important link. Longzhong achieves intelligent constant temperature and humidity control of the clean room air-conditioning box through PLC programming, so that your clean room can maintain the clean room temperature and humidity in the most energy-saving way and at the lowest cost.


For example, in summer, we don’t need to use water heaters, we can still take a comfortable hot bath; but in winter or even when the cold snap comes, we have a great need for water heaters, and the water heaters need to continue to heat up, so that we can Take a hot bath at the same temperature as the field.
In comparison, the most important thing for a clean room is constant temperature and humidity. No matter how the external climate changes, the indoor temperature and humidity must remain constant. Sometimes in cold weather, it is necessary to provide hot water to raise the temperature of the outside air to a certain temperature to impel the humidification of the air conditioning box.


Difficulties encountered by customers

In the past, the clean room in the customer's factory area was assigned factory personnel to monitor the temperature and humidity and make slight adjustments. The situation was well controlled in summer or in general weather. When a cold snap came, the air conditioning box Insufficient humidification of the outside air. At that time, the factory affairs had raised the hot water control valve to the highest opening, but the humidity in the entire clean room was still unable to increase. In the end, not only did the humidity in the entire clean room lose control, but the electricity bill in the factory area was also increased by one million that month.
Therefore, the owner hopes that Longzhong can help improve the constant temperature and humidity control system of the clean room air conditioner, which can automatically judge the external temperature and humidity conditions, and intelligently recommend hot water temperature conditions.


Longzhong offers a solution

Longzhong engineers re-planned the map control system, using years of rich experience in clean room planning, set the dust-free room temperature and humidity conditions and external temperature and humidity conditions, substituted into the map control system and automatically calculated.
Now the owner only needs to enter the environmental parameters to adjust the dust-free room temperature and humidity, and the system can intelligently and automatically calculate the recommended hot water temperature and adjust the hot water outlet temperature synchronously. When the hot water outlet temperature is lower than the recommended temperature, the graphic control will issue a warning prompt to assist the factory to control the temperature and humidity back.

Clean room control alarm system


The construction of a clean room intelligent air conditioning constant temperature and humidity energy-saving system control not only saves energy and is not afraid of mistakes, but also optimizes the use of electric energy and reduces the cost of environmental control for the owner.


Longzhong has accumulated many years of experience in factory automation system planning, whether it is clean room air conditioning, water affairs, exhaust systems, etc., can create the most convenient and trouble-free automatic control system for you.


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