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Building swimming pool automatic circulation filter barrel replacement

Building swimming pool automatic circulation filter barrel replacement


Nowadays, many apartment buildings have public facilities, such as: gymnasium, reading room, KTV room... etc. These facilities need regular maintenance. Among them, the swimming pool of the building needs special attention. Whether it is the disinfection and sterilization of the pool water itself, the filtration and circulation of the water pipeline, or the maintenance of the pool wall, these all need to be well maintained.


Difficulties encountered by customers

The filter originally used in the public swimming pool of the community building was broken, and the suspended particles and hair in the swimming pool water could not be filtered out, causing the water quality to become turbid. This not only causes poor perception of the swimming pool, but also has a direct impact on residents with swimming habits.


Longzhong offers a solution

Longzhong replaces customers with a new fully automatic circulation filter: quartz sand filter barrel. The quartz sand filter barrel adopts the sand filtration method to filter through the quartz sand of a certain particle size, which can effectively remove the suspended solids and impurities in the pool water.
The sand filter barrel has a filtering mode and a backwashing mode. The function of the filtering mode is mainly to filter impurities in the water; the backwashing mode is usually used for sewage discharge, and the pollutants captured in the filter are removed by flushing with reverse water flow.


The following is the video shot at the scene of the Longzhong case:



Longzhong also reminded the owner of several maintenance items for the building's swimming pool filter:
1. Do not rely too much on the backwash mode. A major cleaning of the swimming pool filter system is required about every six months to a year, otherwise the filtering effect will be weakened and the swimming pool water circulation will not be good.
2. For the sake of swimming pool filtration quality, the quartz sand in the filter barrel needs to be replaced about every 2-3 years.
3. The swimming pool filtration system should not be left idle for too long and needs to be operated regularly, otherwise it is prone to failure.


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