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Clean room pressure drop FFU self-maintaining loop control

Clean room pressure drop FFU self-maintaining loop control
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In industrial plants or laboratories where the power cannot be cut off for 24 hours, voltage drops may occur if the power supply is unstable. In addition to paying attention to the power supply facilities that maintain the operation of the system, factory personnel must also pay attention to voltage drops. Whether the system can be kept on automatically afterwards.


Difficulties encountered by customers

The FFU fan filter in the customer's laboratory used to use a power relay to control the current. When a voltage drop occurs, although the power supply can be restored quickly, the equipment will not automatically turn on, requiring several factory personnel to check the status of the equipment one by one.
The owner hopes to reduce the workload of the factory staff after the power drop, and hopes that we can assist the FFU circuit to add some devices so that the FFU can automatically keep on after the power is restored.


Longzhong offers a solution

Longzhong engineers replaced the power relay originally used by the FFU in the clean room with a self-maintaining relay. The biggest feature of the self-maintaining relay is that it will be energized when there is no action when the power is on, so it can achieve the task of starting the FFU system immediately after the voltage drops and restores the power, which can effectively reduce the burden on the factory staff.


The problem of power voltage drop in the factory area is often encountered by factory personnel. Longzhong can assist in replacing the circuit control in the factory according to customer needs, so that the system can achieve a more humanized and intelligent operation, and it is easier to manage .

There is another way to reduce the probability of factory pressure drop, that is, Installation Wisdom Electric meter, which is also one of the methods chosen by quite a few factories. With the smart meter, you can more comprehensively grasp the electricity consumption in the factory area, avoid the occurrence of excessive electricity consumption, and effectively reduce the frequency of voltage drop.


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