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Design of Abnormal Circuit Control in Industrial CDS Chemical Supply System

Design of Abnormal Circuit Control in Industrial CDS Chemical Supply System
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"Chemical Supply System" is abbreviated as CDS, which usually appears in industrial factories or clean rooms. The industries that will be applied to this equipment include: semiconductor manufacturing process, optoelectronics industry, electronic parts manufacturing industry, biochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry...etc.
These industries all have one thing in common, that is, the chemical supply system usually needs to be controlled by writing PLC programs, and cooperate with the production line or equipment. Basically, it does not stop for 24 hours. Therefore, special considerations are required for maintenance facilities and equipment construction. mode of operation.


Difficulties encountered by customers

What I want to share this time is a customer in the optoelectronic industry. Previously, they encountered an abnormal situation in the CDS control system in the factory, which caused the normal supply of chemicals to affect the production line. After the entire production line was shut down, the engineers went to check carefully, only to find that the PLC module was down and the CDS control was abnormal.
Therefore, the owner hopes that Longzhong can assist in planning a protection mechanism. Even if there is a problem with the CDS control end, the supply system can forcefully supply chemicals to the production line as usual in a short period of time without immediately affecting the production status.


Longzhong offers a solution

Longzhong additionally designed the CDS system control pipeline project for the chemical supply system. Even if there is a problem with the PLC module, the configured industrial control circuit can also control the CDS system on behalf of the chemical supply system for a short period of time. The personnel strive for the time for repairing, processing/replacing the PLC, and minimize the impact of abnormal system control and production line loss.
This set of circuit engineering is not only applicable to the optoelectronic industry, as long as it is a chemical supply system, Longzhong can plan and design according to your factory area and equipment location.


The pipeline planning and design of the factory system is Longzhong's specialty project. After the special planning of the control line by Longzhong engineers in this case, if there is a problem with the PLC responsible for the control of the chemical supply system of the factory, there will be a more complete record.

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